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visiting student testimonials


Westminster Visiting Students Testimonials

"My name is Michael Sweeney and I travelled from N. Ireland to study abroad at Westminster College in 2013/14. I can honestly say that the entire experience was one of the most fulfilling and enriching things I have ever done. I had the opportunity to sample the American collegiate lifestyle, meet people from all around the world and study in a completely new environment. I had the opportunity to join unique organisations such as the Blue Blazers Investment Club, with whom I traveled to New York in February 2014. The connections I made at Westminster were also invaluable - I am working in London because of them! However when I reflect on my time in Fulton Missouri my fondest memories are of the people I met - from the faculty and staff to the students themselves (special mention to the guys in Kappa Alpha Order). The warmth and goodwill that was bestowed upon me set the tone for an extremely enjoyable and successful year. Upon returning to ireland I advised all prospective Study USA to try and come to Westminster College and indeed I would love to return someday soon myself."---Michael Sweeneyflag

 visiting student 
"It was an incredible experience, maybe the best in my life. I met so many people, I met really good friends. I wish I could have stayed one more year. I miss this place so so much, everything was so great in there. The staff member, the city, the classes and teaches, etc."---Samantha Kleimann


"It was the best time for me in my college life. I think most wonderful thing in WC was that I could meet people from all over the world in one place. I met bunch of people from most diverse culture ever I seen. It was the most valuable experience I would have in my life." ---Jiyeon Seoflag

"The exchange opportunity to Westminster College was without a doubt one of my greatest achievements and experiences for the year 2014. I have been able to make connections that I am sure will last a lifetime. The teachers and staff made me feel welcome and encouraged me to be the best I could be. It was aneasy fit given that both Westminster and USIU aim to mentor skilled critical thinkers for the global market. However, in as much as it was an elevating experience there were a few challenges that I had to overcome.

There remain a lot of barriers to be overcome when it comes to interactions between international students and American students. While they were friendly, there is some mutual distrust and indifference because it initially seems as though we are worlds apart. Most come to the college having known only the small city of Fulton and as such are overwhelmed by all the international students who seem well travelled and ‘more informed’. I must commend the College because it goes out of its way to facilitate dialogue as well as various relaxed events where the students can better get to know each other. Additionally, because I was only there for 4 months, I understandably found it harder to adjust to them when I would be leaving so soon. Perhaps in future, this program will be longer and the next students will make even more meaningful connections. I am happy to note I did make a few American friends and I hope to visit them soon.

Aside from this, the exchange program was thoroughly rewarding. I got to achieve all I had planned and experience so much beyond my imagination. I am so grateful to Kellen Njagi who was able to communicate with me on occasion and make sure that all was going smoothly. It is truly a once in a lifetime adventure that I would (and already have) highly recommend to other students. The exchange program deepens your existing knowledge as well as allows you to gain a better appreciation for other cultures. You learn a lot about yourself and others. Whereas I was used to seeing international students on USIU campus, in the US it went a step further and I would interact with German speaking Tanzanians and Spanish speaking Nigerians! It shocked me how different we are and how despite these differences, common ground was always achievable." --- Kesho Kioko

visiting student
"During the exchange semester, a number of cultural activities and programs are arranged to let students experience the vitality and the diversity of culture. I made friends with exceptional individuals from all parts of the world and learnt from them." ---Kun Liuflag

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