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Westminster College not only emanates the energy surge of an educational institution on the rise on campus but across the country as its list of national recognitions grow in size and significance.  Over the last decade, Westminster has built a dramatic record of significant rankings and achievements that give it national stature as a respected liberal arts college.  This page showcases some of the substantial national recognitions Westminster has received that are making educational leaders and prospective students sit up and take notice.

U.S. News & World Report
U.S.News & World Report, the “dean” of educational evaluation services, has been recognizing Westminster College as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation for years now.  While many other state colleges and universities are evaluated in comparison to their peers and each other and receive a regional ranking, U.S.New & World Report places Westminster in head-to-head competition with the finest liberal arts colleges in the country, and the College still rises into the upper rankings.  This year U.S.News recognized Westminster in several other categories as well.  Guidance counselors from America’s best high schools selected Westminster in the Top 150 schools that they believe offer the best undergraduate education to their students.  Westminster also placed 4th among national liberal arts colleges for its proportion of international undergraduate students and ranked as one of the Ten American Colleges with the most students in fraternities. 

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The Princeton Review

For the 10th year in a row, The Princeton Review, one of the most well respected national education services that rank American colleges and universities has named Westminster “Best in the Midwest,” selecting it as one of the best Midwestern colleges and universities in the United States.  Only one-fourth of America’s colleges and universities are selected for this prestigious regional recognition.  Westminster received exemplary scores in areas such as academic excellence, financial aid, selectivity, and quality of life.  Westminster consistently graces The Princeton Review ratings and ranking lists and has also been named over the past five years twice as one of the Best Value colleges and universities in America.
 Princeton Review

Only over the past four years has Forbes magazine been evaluating the 6,600 accredited postsecondary institutions in the United States to find the top colleges and universities in the nation.  During this time period, Westminster has been recognized every year.  Accolades have included one of America’s Top 50 Colleges and Universities, the Best Liberal Arts College in Missouri and one of the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in America. Forbes rankings are based on the overall scores in categories such as postgraduate success, student satisfaction, quality compared to cost, and four-year graduate rate.  Westminster’s consistent recognitions showcase the College’s incredible demographic and outstanding student-to-faculty ratio as well as its affordability.
Colleges of Distinction

Westminster was selected as a College of Distinction among America’s colleges and universities because of its stellar performance in the key areas of engagement of students inside and outside the classroom, teaching by expert professors dedicated to challenging students and seeing them succeed, a college community that provides and exciting living and learning environment on and off campus, and outcomes that produce satisfied.  The goal of Colleges of Distinction is to provide students, counselors, and parents with information about schools that excel so they make the most informed decisions about going to college.
 Colleges of Distinction

In addition to our national recognition, current students have taken the time to tell prospective students about what Westminster has to offer through Unigo, a website created for the prospective college student. This site allows prospective students to read reviews of the college from current students see the college’s sterling statistics, look through pictures of the campus, view videos about the college, and more. Exemplary rankings on this list were 10 of 10 on Professor Accessibility, 9 of 10 on Campus Safety, 8 of 10 on Intellectual Life, and 7 of 10 on Greek Life and Political Activity.
Most Interesting Schools in America

When researchers at Newsweek magazine and Kaplan, the foremost educational services company in the world, issued a guide of the 372 Most Interesting Schools in America, Westminster College was one of the fortunate colleges and universities to make the list.  Schools were selected on the basis of academic strengths, student body profile, and specialty programs.
 America's Most Interesting Schools
Washington Monthly

This well known, widely read magazine on American politics and government has been ranking colleges and universities since 2006 based on recruiting and graduating low-income students, producing cutting-edge scholarship and PhDs, and service.  Westminster always comes in right next to heavy hitters like Washington University and William Jewell College and this year was no exception.
 Washington Monthly
Military Friendly School

Members of the military and military veterans are being directed to Westminster as one of only 1,000 schools in the country designated as an American Military Friendly School.  This designation, given by G.I. Jobs magazine, is considered the gold standard by veterans groups in informing veterans which schools offer them the greatest opportunity, flexibility and overall experience.  Seven thousand colleges, and universities were assessed by a national panel and only 15 percent of the schools were selected for this honor.
 Military Friendly
Westminster Named Yellow Ribbon School

Westminster prides itself on its diverse student body and the fact that there are many students on campus who are involved in military service. Westminster has students in the ROTC program (Army and Air Force), students pursuing commissioning programs in the Marine Corps, MASO, or the Military and Student Organization on campus, and veterans from each branch of military service. The United States Department of Veteran Affairs determines which schools meet the criteria for a Yellow Ribbon title. Established by the Post G.I. Bill in Congress, the Yellow Ribbon Program provides funding to pay the majority of tuition and fees for qualifying veterans who attend Westminster.  For more information on about the Westminster’s involvement with the military or to learn more about the Yellow Ribbon program, follow the links below:

Westminster’s Yellow Ribbon Page>>
 Yellow Rigbon
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Westminster College has been named as one of only 115 colleges and universities to be recognized for its focus on community engagement by the prestigious Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  Only four Missouri colleges and universities received the honor.  The quality service projects which led to Westminster’s selection include over 10,000 hours of service completed,  yearlong service commitment to Callaway County United Way, completion of two international service projects in Ethiopia and Pakistan, and nearly 20 percent of all campus departments utilizing service-learning approaches in their classrooms.
 Carnegie Foundation
President’s Community Service Honor Roll

Westminster received this high federal recognition for the fifth year in a row because of its strong commitment to volunteering, service learning and civic engagement.  Honorees are selected on a series of factors, including scope and innovation of service projects, percentage of student participation in service activities, incentives for service, and the extent to which the school offers service learning courses.  During the past year, Westminster faculty, staff, and students completed nearly 11,000 hours of community service.
College Access and Opportunity Guide

Westminster College has been selected as one of 284 American colleges and universities to be recognized in the 2011 College and Access Opportunity Guide for its success in helping low-income, first-generation students make their dream of a college education possible.  Westminster was recognized for its outreach efforts, financial aid opportunities, and student support services in this guidebook that provides the necessary information for students to pursue and succeed in achieving a college degree.
 College Access and Opportunity Guide
Presidential Initiative for Higher Education

This year Westminster joined other such prestigious schools as Amherst College, Stanford University, Emory University, SUNY, and Rice University as schools selected by the White House to participate in the Presidential Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge Advancing Interfaith Cooperation and Community Service in Higher Education.   At Westminster an Interfaith Task Force has been formed to lead the college community in interfaith awareness and education and to engage students, faculty, and staff in their leadership activities from their new physical home, the Reflect & Reconnect Spirituality Center.
 President's Interfaith
Nationally Recognized Student Achievement

Westminster is known for its exemplary academic achievement among the student body.  Westminster has produced four Rhodes Scholars, two Truman Scholars, and one Marshall Scholar throughout the course of its 156-year history.