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Purchase Orders

When requesting payment for an invoice related to Purchase Order, please include the Purchase Order Number on the invoice. Sign and date the invoice and forward it to Accounts Payable.

Purchase Orders Procedure

  1. All purchases should be managed using a Purchase Requisition and resulting a Purchase Order particularly purchase over $1,000. Once the requisition is submitted to Account Payable, a Purchase Order is created.
  2. Purchase requisitions must be signed by the requestor, the department head, the controller, and the VP of Business & CFO (if the requisition exceeds $10,000).
  3. Once the requisition is approved and a purchase order is issued, the Accounts Payable office will place the order via email, mail or fax. If any other requirement s are needed to place the order, the purchase order will be returned to the originator and that individual can place the order.
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