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Purchasing Card

The following information on the Westminster College purchasing cards is intended to help you in your use of the card, and the Business Office in accounting for that usage.

Limits and Exclusions
The Westminster College purchasing cards are a MasterCard that may be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. However, there may be exclusions placed on cards that will prevent them from being used at certain types of vendors. You will be made aware if any such limitations have been placed on your card. Each card also has only an overall credit limit and there are no daily or transaction limits that apply.

When using the purchasing card, be sure to tell the cashier that is it a tax-exempt sale. Carry a copy of the tax exemption letter with you as most businesses will require it. Most purchases should be exempt from sales tax, however, other states may not accept our tax exemption.

Invoices/Receipts to Business Office

  1. The cardholder is to access the monthly credit card statement online at www.mycentralpay.com.  The statements are available around the 4th of each month and will receive a notification email. If that date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be available the following business day.
  2. The cardholder is to complete the credit card payment requisition form, which is an excel template available from the Business Office, and is also located on the staff tab of MyWC portal.
    • Fill in your name and statement date at the top
    • Enter each purchase on an individual line item
    • The amount column should remain formatted as General.  Do not use currency.
    • The GL account number needs to be entered in the following format:  ##-###-####-###-##
    • The information in the Vendor/Description column is what will show up as the ledger detail.  This column can only be 30 characters and will need to be what is meaningful to you when looking at the ledger detail.
    • If you need extra rows, please insert extra rows, do not use a separate form.
    • Please verify that your total matches the statement total
    • Print out and sign and date the form and attach all receipts and other supporting documentation. A receipt is required for each purchase.
    • Submit the completed packet to the immediate supervisor or cabinet member, as required by your departmental procedures.
    • Email the excel template to the Nathan Martin in the Business Office.
  3. Each supervisor must review the form for accuracy and appropriateness, sign, date, and forward to the appropriate cabinet member.
  4. The cabinet member must review the form for accuracy and appropriateness, sign, and date.
  5. The approved packet and template must be submitted to Accounts Payable in the Business Office no later that the 8th of the month or the business day prior to the 8th.
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