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Acceptable Use Policy

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In support of its mission and to realize its educational goals, Westminster College provides computer and telecommunications resources to authorized students, faculty and staff and to official guests to support their teaching, learning, and scholarly research and related activities.

This policy applies to all Westminster College faculty, students, staff and official guests. The right to use Westminster College computing and telecommunications resources may be revoked if misused or abused, even if unintentionally. Use of College resources must be consistent with the College's academic ethics including its Student Handbook, Catalog, and Sexual Harassment Policy as well as all Federal and State computer crimes statutes and the guidance and policies of providers such as MORENET.

Authorized Users

An authorized computer user is defined as:

  • A currently enrolled student of the College
  • A current faculty member of the College
  • A current staff member of the College
  • An official guest of the College

Authorized users are assumed to be aware of this and related policy statements and are understood to have agreed to abide by them.

Acceptable Use

Westminster College operates on the presumption that its computing resources will be used in support to the teaching, learning, scholarly research and related activities of authorized users. All use of the network must be consistent with this purpose.

  1. Responsible use entails but is not limited to the following considerations:
    1. Owners and users of personal computer equipment attached to the campus computer network in any office or residential facility are expected to abide fully by all computer-related policies of Westminster College.
    2. Users must adhere to all guidelines of the MOREnet Acceptable Use Policy.
    3. Users must abide by copyright laws. Copyright law specifically prohibits copying of any software protected by license agreements in effect with Westminster College and any software vendor. Users must not attempt to place copyrighted software in a position where others, on or off campus, may have inappropriate access to it.
    4. Authorized users are responsible for the security and use of their computer accounts. No user should let anyone else have access to their account by giving out their password.
  2. Examples of Inappropriate Use
    1. Fraudulent use of computer accounts, networks, mail services, or other computer resources is a serious violation. Missouri state law (PSMo 569.094-569.099) makes unauthorized access and interference with computer systems, computer data, and other computers illegal.
    2. It is a violation of Westminster College policy to use the campus computer network in a manner which violates the College Academic Honor Code.
    3. It is a violation of Westminster College policy to use the campus computer network to promote commercial or business interests.
    4. It is a violation of Westminster College policy to send unsolicited, annoying, or obscene messages or mail to another computer user. To report incidents of online harassment, contact Glen.Kehl@westminster-mo.edu.
    5. Unless explicit authorization has been provided by an appropriate college officer, it is not appropriate to examine, or attempt to examine, another computer user's files or mail.
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