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Global E-mail Distribution List Policy

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There are dozens of e-mail distribution lists in use at Westminster College, with three main lists, each comprising a different group of individuals. The three main distribution groups are DL-Faculy, DL-Students, and DL-Staff. These distribution groups are accessible by all Westminster College faculty and staff. Access to the student distribution list is also granted on an as-needed basis, dependent on a Student Government Association approval process. In some situations, the Chief Information Officer can also grant rights allowing access to the student distribution list.

General Guidelines for Use of Distribution Lists

The availability of these distribution lists provides a means of communication in and between all of the campus constituencies. In order to maintain some decorum with regard to list usage, the following usage guidelines have been developed. The sending of mass e-mail communications by members of the Westminster College community is prohibited except as outlined in the following guidelines:

  • All Faculty and Staff are able to send to the three main distribution lists.
  • Each semester, the Student Government Association will provide a list of student leaders to be granted access to these distribution lists. Note that are several members of the Westminster College faculty and staff included in this distribution list. Any student who has sent an inappropriate or harassing e-mail may lose account/e-mail privileges and may face other sanctions.

Specialty Distributon Lists

In order to better target email communications, Westminster College has implemented dozens of specialty distribution lists comprised of members with something in common. For example, each dorm has its own distribution list, as does each fraternity and each class. These lists are accessible by members of the campus administration as well as by members of each individual list. For example, if you live in Rice Hall, you have the ability to send a message out to the list named DL-Residence-RiceHall.

Membership in these lists is based solely on information contained in your student record.

Use of the Global Address List

It is against the Westminster College policy to send mass e-mail messages by choosing the entire Global Address List or by creating a Personal Distribution list that contains the entire Westminster College user list. Any user that violates this policy may lose account/e-mail privileges and may also incur other sanctions.

Other Information

Westminster College users should keep the following in mind as they are preparing to send campus-wide e-mail messages:

  • Unsolicited messages of any kind are technically considered "spam" and already prohibited by existing policy, except for "emergency" type of use.
  • Many students are now coming to college with e-mail addresses that they have used for "years" and consider their new Westminster e-mail address "secondary"... some have never checked it at all. It is not a guaranteed way to "get the word" to them.

If you have any questions about this policy, please e-mail the Information Technology Help Desk or call x5169.

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