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Student Printing

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Westminster College's student printing policy was enacted in response to student concerns regarding the environmental impact of wasted paper and due to the increasing costs associated with that printing.

It is estimated that almost 40% of all student printing was going directly to the trash or recycling bin, never leaving the room where it was printed. As a result, the following policy was recommended to the President's Cabinet and approved. This policy was also reviewed and endorsed by the Westminster College Green Council.

Policy (Effective July 1, 2010)

Westminster College recognizes that students need to print paper documents in the course of doing academic work. The College also recognizes its responsibility to promote responsible use of the network printers on campus and the environmental and financial impact of these resources. Accordingly, all students will be allocated 500 free single-sided black-and-white prints each semester. This equates to a $40 printing balance per semester, which is automatically added to each student's printing account.

Charges against this account are made as follows:

Prints directed to a black and white printer:

Single-sided page: $0.08 each
Duplex (double-sided) page : $0.14 ($0.07 per side)

Prints directed to a color printer:

B/W on color printer: Single-sided page: $0.15 each
B/W on color printer: Duplex (double-sided) $0.22 each
Color: Single-sided page: $0.25 each
Color: Duplex (double-sided) page : $0.35 ($0.175 per side)

Once the printing allocation has been reached, students need to visit the Business Office to add money to their printing account before they will be allowed to print.

When a student logs into a Windows-based lab computer, there is an icon in the system try (lower right corner) that can be opened to view the student printing balance. Students can also view their current printing balance at any time by following these steps: (Please note that a printing account is created the first time that a user prints a document).

  1. Open a browser and go to the Westminster website at www.westminster-mo.edu .
  2. Click on the WC Users section of the website.
  3. Choose the Network Printing Account Status Link Type username@westminster-mo.edu in the Username box.
  4. Type your current network password in the Password box.
  5. Click on OK

Guidelines for Conservative Printing

In the application that you are printing from, make sure you have the correct printer selected. You should get in a habit of choosing File from the menu and choosing Print so that you can view and change the printer.
In the application that you are printing from, is there an option for printing multiple pages on one page? For example: If you are printing a powerpoint presentation, you can print multiple slides per page by choosing File and Print and changing the Print What option to Handout. In this option you can print 2, 4 or 6 slides per page. When there is a duplex printer available, use it. This may not save toner but will save a few trees.
Is the resource viewable online?

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