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Instructions for Connecting Network-Enabled Gaming Devices

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
  1. Locate and write down the MAC address of your gaming device. (google "device name" locate mac address)
  2. Connect your Gaming Device to either the wired or wireless (WC) network. (This is required as Campus Manager will NOT allow registration of a Gaming Device unless it has seen that mac address on the network!)
  3. Using another workstation/laptop connected to the network, go to the following url and complete the form. (see image below)

Note: If you have problems registering your Gaming Device please send an email to help@westminstermo.edu and include the following:

  • Error message you received from Campus Manager when you tried to register the gaming device.
  • Type of gaming device and mac address
  • Wired or Wireless network connection for gaming device

Note: If you can call the helpdesk @ 573.592.5169 to open a ticket be sure you provide the technician with all of the above information.

Get Started: http://campusmgr1.westminster-mo.edu/registration/GameRegister.html

Game Device Registration

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