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Map a Network Printer MAC 10.4

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  1. Please check to verify your OS by selecting "About this Mac" under the Apple Menu in the upper right hand corner.

    If you are using version 10.5.X please use the other instructions!
    Otherwise, please continue reading!
    Check your OS
  2. Select "System Preferences..." under the Apple Menu in the upper left hand corner.
    Go to System Preferences
  3. Choose "Print & Fax" under the Hardware category in the System Preferences window
    Select Print and Fax
  4. Click the plus sign underneath the printers list (this list may be empty if this is your first time adding a printer)
    Expand the printer list
  5. Click the "More Printers..." button while holding down the "option" key
    Select more printers while holding the option key
  6. When the Authenticate window opens, hit the "Cancel" button
    Cancel out of the authenticate windows
  7. Hit "OK" when the Unable to turn AppleTalk On window appears
    Click ok
  8. When this window opens, choose "Advanced" in circled pull down menu. Then, under the Device option, choose "Windows Printer via SAMBA"
    Choose advanced
  9. Under Device Name, put what you would like your printer to be called.
    Input what you'd like the printer to be called
  10. Under Device URI, put in this information:
    Remember to leave out the brackets when filling in this information.
    Remember to input info correctly

    1. Under Printer Model, choose your printer's brand (HP, RICOH, KYOCERA, etc). Choose the model number for your specific printer from the list below (If your printer is not listed, go to step 10b). Hit the "Add" button and you're done!
      Choose the printer brand
    2. Under Printer Model, choose "Generic" and hit the "Add" button, and you're done!

      Choose Generic and click Add
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