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Mapping Printers to a MAC

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket *Instructions for OS 10.5 or greater.

  1. Please check to verify your OS by selecting "About this Mac" under the Apple Menu in the upper right hand corner. If you are using 10.4 or earlier use these instructions.
    Verify your OS version
  2. Select "System Preferences..." under the Apple Menu in the upper left hand corner.
    Go to System Preferences
  3. Choose "Print & Scan" under the Hardware category in the System Preferences window.
    Select Print and Scan
  4. Click the plus sign underneath the printers list (this list may be empty if this is your first time adding a

    Expand the list of printers
  5. Click the "Default" icon on the tool bar.
    Click on the Default icon
  6. Select the printer you want to map out of the list.
    Select the printer you want to map
  7. After selecting the printer under "Use" choose the "Generic PostScript Printer".
    After selection, choose the generic postscript printer
  8. Your printer should be added. Now test it in word to make sure it works.
    Go to "File" then "Print".

    Go to file and click print

    Print dialogue box
  9. It then should ask you to authorize your account. To make sure it works type in as you see below but use your own username and password. You can also just try the username without the domain attached, but sometimes that may not work.
    Account authorization
  10. It should print. If you cannot please contact the helpdesk at 592-5169 or help@westminster-mo.edu .
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