Name:Jane Kenney-Hunt
Title:Assistant Professor of Biology
Department:Biology and Environmental Science
Location:CSC 218
Courses Taught
  • Biodiversity (majors' introductory organismal biology - BIO 124/125
  • Bioprocesses (majors' introductory molecular biology/genetics) - BIO 114/115
  • Genetics (with lab) - BIO 301
  • Vertebrate Biology (with lab) - BIO 300
  • Developmental Biology (with lab) - BIO 300
  • Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar - HON 150
  • Westminster Seminar - WSM 101
Research Interests
  • Quantitative genetics of skeletal traits
  • Gene-by-environment interactions
  • Sex, diet, and genetic effects on bone biomechanical traits
 Ph.D.  Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
 B.S.  Alma College, Alma, Michigan       
Dr. Kenney-Hunt has co-authored over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals, many with undergraduates. Before coming to Westminster College, Dr. Kenney-Hunt performed postdoctoral research at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the University of South Carolina.
Selected publications
  • Kenney-Hunt, J, A Lewandowski, TC Glenn, JL Glenn, OV Tsyusko, RJ O’Neill, J Brown, CM Ramsdell, Q Nguyen, T Phan, KR Shorter, MJ Dewey, G Szalai, PB Vrana, MR Felder. 2014. A genetic map of Peromyscus with chromosomal assignment of linkage groups (a Peromyscus genetics map). Mammalian Genome.
  • Minkina, O, JM Cheverud, G Fawcett, CF Semenkovich, and JP Kenney-Hunt. 2012. Quantitative trait loci affecting liver fat content in mice. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2: 1019-25.
  • Carson, EA, JP Kenney-Hunt, M Pavličev, KA Bouckaert, AJ Chinn, MJ Silva, and JM Cheverud. 2012. Weak genetic relationship between trabecular bone morphology and obesity in mice. Bone 51:46-53.
  • Cheverud, JM, HA Lawson, GL Fawcett, B Wang, LS Pletscher, AR Fox, TJ Maxwell, TH Ehrich, JP Kenney-Hunt, JB Wolf, and CF Semenkovich. 2011. Diet-dependent genetic and genomic imprinting effects on obesity in mice. Obesity 19:160-170.
  • Kenney-Hunt, JP, and JM Cheverud. 2009. Differential dominance of pleiotropic loci for mouse skeletal traits. Evolution 63:1845-1851.
  • Kenney-Hunt, JP, B Wang, EA Norgard, G Fawcett, D Falk, LS Pletscher, JP Jarvis, C Roseman, JB Wolf, and JM Cheverud. 2008. Pleiotropic patterns of quantitative trait loci for seventy murine skeletal traits. Genetics 178:2275-2288.
  • Wagner, GP, JP Kenney-Hunt, M Pavličev, JR Peck, D Waxman, and JM Cheverud. 2008. Pleiotropic scaling of gene effects and the "cost of complexity." Nature 452:470-473.
  • Kenney-Hunt, JP, TT Vaughn, LS Pletscher, A Peripato, E Routman, K Cothran, D Durand, EA Norgard, C Perel, and JM Cheverud. 2006. Quantitative trait loci for body size components in mice. Mammalian Genome 17:526-537.
Selected student research projects
  • Kling, J. Eclosion site preference in species of 13-year periodic cicadas. Undergraduate Scholars Forum, Westminster College, April 2012 & 2013. Poster.
  • Alleyne, D. Quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of limb traits in mice. Undergraduate Scholars Forum, Westminster College, April 2013. Poster.
Personal information
When not at work, Dr. Kenney-Hunt can frequently be found enjoying campus athletic and arts events or relaxing with her husband and two cats.