Name:Yaseen Alhaj-Yaseen
Title:Assistant Professor of Finance
Department:Accounting,Business & Economics& MIS
Location:210 Westminster Hall
Scholarly/Professional Highlights
Dr. Alhaj-Yaseen’s areas of interest are Equity Valuation, Investment, International Finance, and Corporate Governance. He has conducted several research studies in the area of International Cross-Listing and has published his work in peer-reviewed journals like Applied Financial Economics and Journal of Economics and Finance.
He received his doctoral degree in financial economics from Kansas State University and his master’s degree from Texas Tech University.

Dr. Alhaj-Yaseen has been teaching finance and economics courses since 2005. He has taught at Texas Tech University, Kansas State University and most recently at Georgia Southern University before joining Westminster College.
He has also worked as a broker at the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) and as an Assistant Financial Manger before attending graduate school.  In addition, he provided financial consultations to local businesses in Manhattan, KS while he was finishing his doctoral degree at Kansas State University.

His recent research has focused on International Cross-Listing. He investigated a number of aspects in this area: e.g. equity valuation cost of capital, the informativness of trading volume across markets, return and volatility spillovers. Currently, he is working on the issues surrounding IFRS adoption in the U.S. and its impact on U.S. firms’ earrings quality, liquidity, information asymmetry, and cost of equity.  In addition, he has research interests in the fields of Investment, International Finance, and Corporate Governance.
Personal Information
Dr. Alhaj-Yaseen is married and has two little daughters, Iman and Salma.