Name:Tobias Gibson
Title:Tenured Associate Professor Political Science
Department:Political Science Department
Location:WH 247
Phone:+1 (573) 592-5185
1999 - B.A. from Indiana University - Double majored in History and Political Science.
2001 - Earned an A.M. from Washington University, St. Louis
2006 - Earned Ph. D. from Washington University, St. Louis
Courses Taught
  • The American Presidency
  • U.S. Congress
  • Supreme Court
  • Civil Liberties
  • Constitutional Law
  • Judicial Process
  • Politics and Film
  • American Government and Politics
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Introduction to Security Studies
  • National Security Law
  • National Security Agencies
My research focuses on the presidency, the Supreme Court and security policy.  I recently published  the President Harry S. Truman for the Chronology of the U.S. President and a separate piece on the limits of unilateral presidential power.  I am the author or co-author of four peer reviewed articles, several articles in professional newsletters, three book chapters and many encyclopedia entries.  I published several articles and encyclopedia entries which were coauthored with students.
When I moved here to Fulton, it was the third time I had moved to Missouri.  I went to college in Missouri, although I didn’t graduate from college here.  I moved back to attend graduate school, and then again to teach at Westminster.  Somehow, I feel like I am meant to stay.  I have the good fortune of being married to a woman from Fulton, and teaching at Westminster has long been my professional goal.