Name:Gabe McNett
Title:Associate Professor of Biology
Department:Biology and Environmental Science
Location:CSC CS216
Phone:+1 (573) 592-5395

Current Position
Assistant Professor of Biology

Bachelor of Science – Ohio State University
Master of Science – University of California - San Diego
Ph.D. – University of Missouri - Columbia

Courses Taught
Entomology (BIO 315)
Biology of Social Insects (BIO 307)
Animal Behavior (BIO 204)
Evolution (BIO 220)
Ornithology (BIO 300)
Insects and Human Affairs (BIO 211)
Biodiversity (BIO 110)
Biological Processes (BIO 112)

Current Teaching/Research Interests
My research interests center on insect behavior and communication. I am especially interested in how insects use micro-scale vibrations to communicate, and how the biotic and abiotic environment affects communication efficiency.

Background / Personal Information
I am originally from St. Marys, Ohio, a small town in rural western Ohio (slightly smaller than Fulton). I grew up the youngest of five kids, with two older brothers and two older sisters. Currently I live in Columbia with my wife, Angela.