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Ted Jaeger

Ted Jaeger

Prof Psychology
 CSC 213
 +1 (573) 592-6120
  • Psychology


Dr. Jaeger has been a professional psychologist since 1978, teaching psychology and doing research on visual illusions for 36 years. He obtained his Doctorate from the University of Georgia in 1977, a Masters from Appalachian State University in 1974, and a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Washington and Lee University in 1973. Dr. Jaeger came to Westminster in 1991 and has served for many of his Westminster years as the chair of the Psychology Department.

Dr. Jaeger loves teaching at Westminster because he believes a higher quality education can be delivered in small classes. He enjoys the opportunity to interact with students in and out of the classroom. In the classroom, he is particularly fond of using technology to design student activities that demonstrate psychological processes at work and having students reflect on what they have learned about their behavior. He uses this methodology in many of his courses, including Psychology as a Natural Science (PSY 112), Methods in Experimental Psychology (PSY 274), Biological Psychology (PSY 290), Memory and Cognition (PSY 320) and Sensation and Perception (PSY 370). All of these courses tap into Dr. Jaeger's major interest: how the brain affects consciousness and behavior. However, he is also a sports nut, which accounts for him occasionally teaching a course in Sports Psychology! Regardless of the course, Dr. Jaeger says that the virtue of small school teaching is that he can provide personalized instruction and ultimately write personalized letters of recommendation to help students obtain honors and achieve their professional ambitions.

As an experimental psychologist, Dr. Jaeger is particularly fond of helping students to do research. He has guided more than 50 student projects that have been presented at either the Great Plains, the Missouri, or the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology research conferences. He has had students gain national recognition by winning either a Psi Chi Guilford Research Award or by presenting at the prestigious "Posters on the Hill" session in Washington, D.C. In addition, he has co-authored papers in professional journals with eight of his students and is now working on another paper with a 2014 graduate. These professional publications are part of Dr. Jaeger's research program which has produced a total of twenty-four articles that center on his favorite topic, visual illusions. He is particularly interested in how the mind interprets, sometimes accurately and sometimes inaccurately, what the eye sees.

Dr. Jaeger lives in Fulton with his wife and enjoys visits to Nashville where his son's family resides. In his spare time, he can usually be found playing tennis.

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