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Through proper estate planning, a will or living trust may save your estate substantial taxes and ensure that the people and institutions you care about are provided for after you are gone.

Dying without a will means that the laws of your state will determine how your property is distributed. A bequest to Westminster College reduces your taxable estate. Your bequest to Westminster College should be looked upon as an investment in the future. Like other investments, your bequest should bring you the greatest possible personal satisfaction.

Common Types of Bequests

Specific Bequest - gift of a given amount of cash or certain property

Residuary Bequest - gift of whatever is left of your estate after you have provided for others

Contingent Bequest - gift in the event that your primary beneficiaries do not survive you

Testamentary Trust - gift in trust to surviving family with Westminster College as remainder beneficiary

Specific language for designating bequests is available through the Office of Planned Giving. You may even chose to certify your intended bequest through the use of a bequest contract.

Bequest Benefits

  • Reduces your taxable estate

  • Entitles you to an estate tax charitable deduction

  • Allows the designated assets to pass directly to Westminster College

  • Creates the satisfaction of knowing that you now have a living legacy at Westminster College

For more information, please contact the Office of Development at 573-592-5370 or 888-687-9266.

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