Deferred Payment Gift Annuity 

Deferred payment gift annuities are most attractive to individuals who do not need current income but would prefer a larger annuity payment at a future time.

This gift allows you to make a gift now and secure a charitable income tax deduction in your high earning years.

Since the payments start at a time in the future, your annuity rate may be substantially higher due to the period of deferral.  You may fund a deferred payment gift annuity with Westminster College using the same asset types as a regular gift annuity. 

Deferred Payment Gift Annuity Benefits

  • Once they begin, payments are set for life
  • Current income tax charitable deduction
  • Portion of the income is tax-free
  • Income is based on the age of the beneficiaries and the length of the deferral period


College Annuity Option

With the College Annuity Option in a Deferred Payment Gift Annuity, a student can choose a larger payment for a term of years rather than the regular lower payments for life.  Clearly, a four-year payment plan is ideal for sending a student to college.  

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