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Alumni & Student Speakers

Alumni Share Expertise & Insight During the Symposium

Westminster welcomed seven alumni to campus during the Symposium to serve as presenters during various Breakout Sessions.

Heather Biehl '89
Heather Biehl '89, CIA officer and Middle East expert, participated in a panel discussion "Middle East Today: History, Politics, and Conflict" with Tony Jordan, retired Senior Intelligence Officer, and Dr. Edward Curtis, expert on American Muslims and former Fulbright Professor in Jordan.

Jim Flink

Jim Flink '83, Vice President of Newsy, led a breakout session focusing on the subject of "Media and Conflict."

Peace Corps Alumni
Robert Hamilton '65, Eric Meusch '89, Matt Murrie '98, and Eric Coppenger '98 participated in a panel discussion "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: WC Alumni Reflecting on Their Peace Corps Volunteer Experiences."

Matt Murrie
Matt Murrie '98
presented a session with Heather Robinson on "Macedonia: Transcending Conflict, Transforming Identity." Murrie and Robinson are co-authors of Macedonia: What Does It Take to Stop a War?

Westminster also welcomed David Aulgur '09, 8th Grade History Teacher, who presented a session on "Teaching Conflict in the Secondary Classroom."

Students Reflect on Personal Experiences With Global Conflict

Student Military Panel

Derick Jensen '12
and Kevin Grissom '13 led a panel discussion on "Being A Soldier: Westminster Students Talk About Their Military Experiences."

Derick Dailey '11
Students Derick Dailey '11, Eyob Demeke '10, and Behe Bekera '11 led a presentation based on their overseas service project "Ethiopian Children's Library for a Peaceful and Prosperous Generation."

Student Refugee Panel
Students Khizir Aydamirov '11, Tecber Ahmed Saleh '11, Marianne Bampire '11, and Jue Jue Min Thu '11 participated in a panel discussion in which they told the story of their experiences as refugees.

Student Debate on Global Conflict
Rodney Brown '13
, Dustin Van Camp '12, Brian Waters '13, and Chelsea Wherry '13 participated in a Student Debate on Global Conflict, "The United States as World Police: Pro or Con?"

"This year's Symposium truly reached world-class status. The roster of speakers, the breadth of topics considered, and the amazing interaction by students and campus guests will be hard to surpass. I've never been more proud to be a Blue Jay!"
- Heather Biehl '89, Board of Trustees and Symposium presenter

"This Symposium stood apart from the previous because it has touched so many lives here on campus personally. From the refugee and student soldier panel to those with family members involved in a conflict, most students today have lived in a time of constant war. This made the Symposium more heartfelt since the audience could relate on a more personal level."
- Brittney Regal '13

"The Symposium was a great way to 'show off' our College. What a classy and wonderful way to have such a positive presentation in today's otherwise negative media driven enviornment."
- David Veitch '73, Board of Trustees

"Only at Westminster can a student of political science eat lunch with a former Secretary of State and ask him direct questions about current conflicts and his time in the White House. The Symposium embodied what Westminster is truly about; global leadership. From Westminster students giving presentations about their time in a war zone, to the lecture by a former Secretary of State, this Symposium highlighted the very best of a liberal arts education."
- Derick Dailey '11

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