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Schedule at a Glance

2010 Symposium on Global Conflicts

Pre-Symposium Events

August 9 - October 25
Traveling Exhibit: "Overcoming Intolerance" Children's Museum
10am-4pm, National Churchill Museum

Monday, September 13
Symposium Film Series - Paths of Glory (1957)
7pm, Coulter Science Center Lecture Hall

Tuesday, September 14
Book Discussion of Good Omens
4pm, Hazel 112

Saturday, September 18
Museum Children's Program: "Overcoming Intolerance" Exhibit
11am-Noon, National Churchill Museum

Monday, September 20
Student Debate on Global Conflicts:
The United States as World Police: Pro or Con

4pm, Coulter Science Center Lecture Hall

Symposium Film Series - Sometimes in April (2005)
7pm, Coulter Science Center Lecture Hall

Tuesday, September 21

Opening Keynote/Plenary Session I
Brigadier General MacFarland, Deputy Commanding
War: An Inevitable Evil

9-10:15am, Champ Auditorium

Breakout Sessions I
10:30-11:30am, Coulter Science Center

  • Why Muslims Matter to the Past and the Present of the United States
  • Strategic Environmental Security and Climate Change: What in the World is Worth Fighting Over?
  • Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: WC Alumni Reflecting on Their Peace Corps Volunteer Experiences
  • Using Intelligence Intelligently
  • Media and Conflict
  • Macedonia: Transcending Conflict, Transforming Identity
  • Creating a Vision for the Future Using an Appreciative Inquiry Process: A Role Play Based on Israeli-Palestinian Youth
  • Engaging Women in Peacebuilding Efforts by U.S. Institute of Peace

11:30am-1pm, Mueller Leadership Hall

Plenary Session II
Dr. Sean Gourley
14 Key Features that Define a Successful Insurgency
1-2pm, Champ Auditorium

Breakout Sessions II
2:15-3:15pm, Coulter Science Center

  • Middle East Today: History, Politics, and Conflict
  • Religion and Global Violence
  • Conservation and Conflict: The Role Natural Resources Play in Conflict and Peace
  • Teaching Global Peacebuilding: Approaches Used by the United States Institute of Peace
  • Being a Soldier: Westminster Students Talk About Their Military Experiences
  • Three Generations of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals: The Evolution of International Criminal Justice
  • The Threat of High-Alert Nuclear Forces: How Safe are We?
  • Q & A with Sean Gourley

Plenary Session III
Antoine Rutayisire
The Rwanda 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis: A Study on Conflict Genesis and Resolution
3:30-4:30pm, Champ Auditorium

National Churchill Museum Speaker Series:
"WWII Home Front Posters"
6-7pm, National Churchill Museum

Wednesday, September 22

Plenary Session IV
Carolyn Forche
Literature of Witness to War and Conflict
9:30-10:30am, Champ Auditorium

Breakout Sessions III
10:45-11:45am, Coulter Science Center

  • Environmental Factors Leading to Conflict
  • Conflict in Historical Perspective: The Post-First World War Settlement in the Middle East
  • Student Refugee Panel
  • Developing a National Policy for Reconciliation and How to Implement It
  • Ethiopian Children's Library for a Peaceful and Prosperous Generation
  • On Poetry of Witness: Reading the Lyric Art of Extremity
  • Teaching Conflict In the Secondary Classroom

11:45am-1pm, Mueller Leadership Hall

John Findley Green Lecture
The Honorable James A. Baker, III, America's 61st Secretary of State
"The Case for Pragmatic Idealism"
2pm, Champ Auditorium - Tickets required

Post-Symposium Events

Monday, September 27
Symposium Film Series - Europa, Europa (1990)
7pm, Coulter Science Center Lecture Hall

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