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Schedule At A Glance

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Globalization: Its Effect on Global Culturalism
International Student Panel
11am, Champ Auditorium

Monday, November 17, 2008
Hunger Banquet
5pm, Marsh/Jones Suite, Mueller Leadership Hall

Kathleen O'Neil - Visiting Woodrow Wilson Fellow
Topic: The Global Marketplace
7pm, Coulter Science Center Lecutre Hall
sponsored by Student Government Association

The Best of Both Worlds:
An American's experience in Latin America and
A Latin American's experience in America
8:30pm, Marsh/Jones Suite, Mueller Leadership Hall

Symposium - November 18-19, 2008Citizenship in the
Age of Globalization

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Age of Globalization

Plenary Lecture
Dr. Alexandre Melnik
Topic: The Globalization of the XXI Century
9am, Champ Auditorium

Breakout Sessions*

  • A Lifetime of Service in a Globalized World
  • The Connected World
  • From Impunity to Individual Accountability for Human Rights
    Violations: The Development of International Human Rights Law since World War II
  • Governing in a Wired World
  • World Citizenship and Global Economic Development
  • Fat in a Flat World: A Buddha's Perspective
  • International News Forum

11:30am, Mueller Leadership Hall
Non Meal Plan Cost $5.82

Critical Issues of Globalization and Global Citizenship

Plenary Lecture
John Nagl
Topic: Responsibilities of Citizens and Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan,
and the Long War
1pm, Champ Auditorium
View Speaker Bio

Breakout Sessions*

  • The International Criminal Court: Concerns, Cases and the Quest for Justice
  • We're Not All Using the Same Internet
  • The Cuban Diaspora and Operation Peter Pan
  • Economic Education and Financial Literacy: Key Requirements for Successful Functioning in the Global Community
  • College Action Project Against Tobacco: The Globalization of the Tobacco Industry
  • U.S. Immigration Law Reform
  • Evangelism and Mission in the 21st Century

Breakout Sessions*

  • Russia as Global Stakeholder in the Context of the Globalization of the XXI Century
  • Managing World Industrial Development Projects at the crossroads of politics, education, science, technology, religion, economics, history, and culture
  • Green Chemistry: A Global Movement in Sustainability
  • A Bailout Plan for the United States Education System: Staying Competitive in the Global Market
  • Globalization, Politics and the 2008 Election
  • Globalizing Middle East?

Keynote Lecture

Eugene Robinson
Today's News: Who's Up, Who's Down and What's Really Going On

7pm, Champ Auditorium
View Speaker Bio

Conversations with the Community
9pm, Beks on Court Street

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ways of Living as Citizens of the Global World

Plenary Lecture
Paul '81 & Debbie Kavanaugh
Topic: It's a Small World After All
9am, Champ Auditorium

Breakout Sessions*

  • The Rwanda Community Partnership Project
  • Westminster Travel Courses (and Other Related Programs) that Promote Global Understanding-a Panel Discussion on Past Models and Future Opportunities
  • How Writing Promotes Global Citizenship
  • Educating for a Global Perspective
  • Affecting Destiny: Classrooms that Promote World Citizenship
  • Islam 101

A World Café of Thought
Lunch with Roundtable Discussions
11:30am, Mueller Leadership Hall
Non Meal Plan Cost $5.82

Breakout Sessions*

  • Education; the Master Negotiator for Peace
  • Creative Readings by Glaydah Namukasa, Iowa International Writer and Missouri Poet Laureate Walter Bargen
  • Global Politics and Cultural Tolerance in Children's Literature
  • One World, Many Languages
  • The Modern Olympics - A Platform for Global Citizenship'
  • The world is moving forward with or without us: Opportunities on the International Scene
  • The Global Problem of Sex Trafficking and Why You Are the Answer

A Celebration of Our Global Community
Spotlight on the Rwanda Community Partnership Project
3pm, Backer Dining Room, Mueller Leadership Hall

*See Full Schedule for breakout abstracts and locations.

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