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2008 Symposium on Democracy

This Symposium will examine the roles and responsibilities of citizens in a global community and the demands today's global community places on individuals to meet not just the challenges of a home nation, but the challenges of a home world.

The sessions will focus on the challenges of both people and nations and how the politics, science, technology, religion, economics, history, and culture of a nation shape the leadership decisions people make.

The Symposium is designed to help participants answer three general questions: What is globalization, and what are the key issues that surround it? What are the most significant challenges posed by globalization? What does it mean to live as a citizen of the world, in the age of globalization?

In an attempt to answer these questions, the first plenary lecture and breakout sessions will be largely informative, helping set the context for inquiry. In the second round, speakers will focus on the tough questions and will offer careful analysis of particular issues related to globalization. Finally, the third round will help us look to the future and explore a range of practices that allow for positive change in our world.

By the end of the Symposium, our community should have a clearer understanding of globalization and its effects on citizens of the world, of the many interconnections of societies across the globe, and of multiple ways of responding to and living in a global age.

The event is free and open to the public. Public and private school classes are encouraged to participate in all or part of the Symposium - please RSVP to 573.592.5319.

For more information on the Symposium contact the Office of Alumni & College Relations at 573.592.5319 or collegerelations@westminster-mo.edu

Media please contact Rob Crouse, Director of College Relations, at 573.592.5019 or rob.crouse@westminster-mo.edu.

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