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A Small World for a Westminster Alum

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Our globe is truly becoming a community. Mustafa Mahmoud '10 works for the Supreme Judicial Council in the middle-eastern country Qatar, and he was surprised to learn that a recent lecturer he booked was an alum from a university near Westminster. Neighbors here, neighbors there! Read Mustafa's account below.

"I would like to share a very special coincidence. As I am working in the Public Relations Department in the Supreme Judicial Council of Qatar, we organized a lecture about the Legal and Judicial System of the United States. Which was presented by Hon. Judge Delissa Ridgway from the US Court of International Trade. By reading her biography, I realized that she had graduated from the University of Missouri. So I told her that it is such a small world, I graduated from Westminster College that is 15 miles away from Mizzou. Then she said that her niece Caroline Salvin is currently a junior at Westminster College!

I couldn't believe what a coincidence that was and how this World is becoming smaller and smaller. We are all connected to each other in some way or another!" --Mustafa U. Mahmoud '10 (pictured far left during lecture event he helped organize in Qatar).

Mustafa Mahmoud '10 in Qatar

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