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Westminster Weddings & Alumni Love Stories

Alumni & Friends News

Love is in the air --- and Westminster alumni celebrate this Valentine's Day by sharing their Westminster love stories!

Jim '57 and Nancy (Widmann) WWU '57 Adams
In the Story of "A Westminster Man and a Woodsie"

Jim '57 and Nancy (Widmann) AdamsOur story is one that takes us back to fall of 1955 when I was a Westminster junior and Nancy a freshman "Woodsie" at William Woods. We started dating that fall and progressed through the typical stages of "going steady", being pinned, and then eventually getting engaged. Following graduation we were married in August, 1957.

College life was very different at that time. Both campuses were not yet co-ed and William Woods was a two-year college. The Tap Room in downtown Fulton was a central meeting place. Life on Westminster campus revolved around fraternity life and nearly everyone lived in the houses as there were no dorms. I am a Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji). Good friends were made and great parties held! Favorite memory…Fijis crossing the Woods bridge for a serenade singing "We are the Marching, Marching Fiji Men." Westminster students were recognized for helping fight a terrible fire at the Woods and also at the mental institution in Fulton. There were no sororities at the Woods, we had strict curfew hours, signed in and out of the dorms and had dress code regulations for dinner (I was Woods kitchen head busboy). How times have changed! Our college years were some of the best times in our lives.

Following our Westminster/William Woods years, I completed my Masters at Stanford; we moved to Dallas, TX where I spent 31 years working for Texas Instruments; for 9 of those years we lived in Tokyo, Japan; Nancy worked at The University of Texas at Dallas in the eighties and has been recognized for her volunteer work in a number of different areas; we raised a daughter and son (both are in education) and proudly claim six grandkids; and for the past 21 years we have enjoyed retirement. In 2007, I was recognized with a Westminster Alumni Achievement Award. What a special moment for the Adams family.

We celebrate our 54th anniversary this year. And to think it all started in Fulton, MO at Westminster College and William Woods in 1955!

Johanna (Dowdy) '83 and Mark '80 Lee
In the Story of "Love in the Quad"

Johanna (Dowdy) '83 and Mark '80 LeeMark and I met during the fall semester of 1979. Mark was a Resident Advisor at Wetterau Hall and I was a freshman living in the quad. Those first few months were stressful for both of us. Mark would be finishing his degree graduating at the end of the semester. I was trying to find my way as one of the first women on campus. Despite being extremely busy, we became very good friends.

We used to make a point of meeting for breakfast at Robertson Dining Hall. Talk about a great motivation to get up and get going in the morning!
By the time Mark graduated in December, our friendship was developing into something much more important. Mark spent the next few months working for the Callaway County Ambulance service, and I got a lot of exercise walking between campus and Mark's apartment on the other side of Fulton.

By the fall of 1980 I was an extremely involved sophomore at Westminster, Mark was a graduate student at Mizzou, and we were a couple. We continued dating for the next three years while I finished my undergraduate degree from Westminster. It wasn't until after I graduated and moved away that Mark finally asked me to marry him. I have to say I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen, but as it turns out, it was well worth the wait.

Mark and I married in August of 1984, five years after we met and almost that long since we had begun dating. Westminster was a very important part of the event. Our ceremony was officiated by Dr. Bill Young and held at the church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury. Dr. Audrey Remley honored us by singing at the wedding.

Mark and I recently celebrated our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. Over the years we have raised two terrific children and enjoyed an exciting career in the United States Air Force. Not only did Mark and I both get an excellent education from Westminster College, we also found our very own love story.

Jessica (Spanglehour) '95 and Chris '95 Macy
In the Story of "Third Time's the Charm"

Jessica (Spanglehour) '95 and Chris '95 MacyChris and I met during our sophomore year the way a lot of Westminster couples do, at a fraternity house party. We had your typical collage romance; dates to the free movies, trips to Gaspers, parties at the house, etc. Unfortunately, when that summer was over so was our relationship, which led me to swear to NEVER talk to him again!

During our senior year, some of his brothers and my sisters thought it was a little ridiculous that we were not speaking and got us talking again. We even went to senior formals together. After graduation, he visited me in OKC before going to Korea to visit some fraternity brothers. Life was moving so fast at that point, we just moved on without each other.

Over the years, we kept up with life and career highlights in the Westminster magazine. But our 10 year reunion, rekindled everything! Neither one of us actually made it to campus for the reunion in 2005, but the event got us talking\emailing again. Then in the fall of 2006 the perfect job made it possible for me to move to mid-Missouri to see if the third time could be the charm --- and it was.

We were married at St. Mary the Aldermanbury in 2008. It took a long time for the circumstances to be right, but we never would have found each other again…and again…without Westminster. Westminster did not only provide us with a quest for knowledge but also perseverance for happiness.

Bob '00 and Amanda (Hamlin) '99 Featherston
In the Story of "Starts With a Lecture and Ends in Love"

Bob '00 and Amanda (Hamil) '99 FeatherstonWhen we started dating a mutual friend was not shy in telling us (in a Texas drawl) that "Y'all are going to get married!" Boy was she right. Knowing that your spouse could be on campus with you can be hard to grasp at the beginning of college. After transferring to Westminster my junior year, I was eager to meet new friends and enjoy the college experience. I didn't realize I'd get a wife out of the deal!

Amanda (Hamlin) and I met in the fall on the lawn of the KA house one evening. She gave me a good lecture about how a man should shake hands properly with a woman. I gave a rather weak handshake because my hand was injured during a football game that day. In all fairness, she wasn't aware of the injury when we first met. After I recovered from the conversation, I thought I had to get to know her better.

I was very, very happy that she actually talked to me and then we began dating for the remainder of both of ours time at Westminster. Amanda graduated in '99 and I in '00. Not too long after graduation, we were married. We now live in Overland Park, KS and are raising two wonderful children.

Lauren Brohammer '10 and Joe Flaugher '09
In the Story of "Two Recent Alumni Preparing to Say I Do"

Lauren Brohammer '10 and Joe Flaugher '09While I was a Junior in college, I met Joe Flaugher at the KA house late in the fall semester. It was only a few weeks before we were going to leave for break. But luckily we stayed in contact with each other over long facebook chats and phone calls on New Year's Eve. We had our first date at Bek's restaurant and that next semester, we become 'official.'

The day that Joe proposed, I thought it was going to be another normal Sunday getting ready for my Kappa sorority meeting later in the evening and preparing some lessons for the week as a student teacher. When I woke up that morning, I wanted to relax and lounge as much as I could to soak up the last of the weekend. Joe had other plans in mind. While we were talking that morning, he held my hands and got down on one knee. He asked me to marry him! Of course, I was taken by surprise but I said, "Yes!" We didn't know where to go from there except talk about plans and who we should tell first. With complete joy, we called our family and told our friends.

Being an excited newly engaged couple, we couldn't wait to get a ring and drove to Columbia. We were just going to look around; maybe we would find some styles we liked. Again, we were surprised. The first jewelry store we visited had the perfect ring! Though slightly spontaneous, everything fell exactly into place. And now we are planning our wedding which will take place at St. Mary the Virgin, of Aldermanbury on June 18, 2011. With the special significance this church and its perfect central location between our families, we knew we had to return to this spot so near to where we first met.

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