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John Ashcroft Commemorates "Breakthrough" Anniversary

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John Ashcroft

In 1990, President Ronald Reagan and then Missouri Governor John Ashcroft celebrated the end of the Cold War by dedicating the "Breakthrough" sculpture
at Westminster College as a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill. "Breakthrough"
was sculpted by Edwina Sandys, Churchill's granddaughter, from eight contiguous sections of the Berlin Wall. On November 9, 1990, in a momentous ceremony with 7,000 guests watching, President Reagan dedicated "Breakthrough" on campus and changed Westminster's landscape and identity forever.

Twenty years later, November 9, 2010, former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft returned to Westminster College to lead the campus community in commemorating the "Breakthrough" 20th anniversary.

"Breakthrough" Anniversary Photos

President Barney Forsythe and John AshcroftJohn Ashcroft

Berlin WallChip Robertson and John Ashcroft

Platform Party for 'Breakthrough John Ashcroft

"Breakthrough" Commemorative Address by John Ashcroft

Special thanks to the guests of the platform party who joined General Ashcroft for the Commemorative Address: Former Missouri Supreme Court Justice Edward "Chip" Robertson, Jr. '74, Missouri State Representative Jeanie Riddle, Missouri State Senator Carl Vogel, Missouri State Senator-Elect Mike Kehoe, Westminster President Dr. Barney Forsythe, and Vice President of The Churchill Institute at Westminster College Dr. Rob Havers.

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