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Alum Chip Lange's Research Making An Impact in Mid-Missouri

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Chip Lange Texting While Driving StudyMay 2011 graduate Chip Lange is making headlines this summer with a research project he completed this past spring at Westminster College. Chip's study measures how distractions impact reaction time while driving, focusing specifically on texting. 33 participants were asked to attempt texting while navigating a virtual course with unexpected turns and road signs.

Results were significant; texting doubled reaction times to unexpected occurrences in some cases. Importantly, skilled texters (people who text often behind the wheel) still displayed delayed reaction times to unexpected events. Photo from Columbia Daily Tribune Photographer Ryan C. Henriksen

Chip is now working hard to promote his research to police departments across the state; KOMU and the Columbia Daily Tribune both reported this story in recent weeks. This fall, Chip will submit his research to scientific journals. He also hopes to share his findings with MoDot.

Chip, currently a firefighter and EMT, is headed to the University of Toledo this fall to attend their Physician's Assistant program.

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