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Westminster College Students Attend Regional Computer Science Consortium


Seven Westminster College students attended the 2013 Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) April 12-13 at Avila University in Kansas City, MO

Those attending this Central Plains Regional Conference included Alex Meyer, a junior from Florissant, MO; Sarah Gloe, a senior from Fulton, MO; Adam Dreschner, a senior from Ontario, CA; Hasan Ali, a senior from Baghdad, Iraq; Alex Haines, a senior from Brentwood, TN; Christopher Webster, a senior from Fulton, MO; and Michael Johnson, a senior from Columbia, MO.

The students were accompanied by Dr. Linda Webster, Associate Dean of Faculty and Computer Sciences Professor, and Dr. Edward Mirielli, Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department.

Gloe received a third place award for her poster presentation entitled "Survey for Information Technology Resources.

Drescher, Haines and Webster competed in the programming competition.

The keynote conference address was given by Rachel Hack, Google Community Manager for Kansas City. She serves as a liaison between Kansas City leaders and organizations with an interest in the ultra-high-speed Google Fiber project and the Google Fiber team.

Some of the other sessions included "Cloud Computing and Remote Hosting," "Setting Up and Using a Cyber Security Lab for Education Purposes" and "Strengthening the Trust in Online Courses."

The 2014 CCSC-CP Conference will be held at Westminster College April 4-5, 2014, and chaired by Dr. Mirielli.

Now in its 19th year, this conference promotes the exchange of information among high school and college and university professionals concerned with computers and academia. The meeting is intended for faculty and students in computer science, information systems, software engineering and other related disciplines as well as administrators of academic computer facilities.

Faculty from Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska gather at the conference to learn, network and get energized about teaching and new developments in the computing disciplines.
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