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Holiday Greetings

Campus News

Enjoy holiday greetings from Westminster's faculty, staff and students.

President Barney and Jane ForsytheThe holiday season is a time when we remember the blessings of the past year and look forward with eager anticipation to new opportunities that await us. We pause to give thanks for the many colleagues, friends, and family members who make our lives so rich and full. We ask for the grace and wisdom to serve this wonderful College community with integrity and courage.

We wish you all peace and joy during the Christmas Season and throughout
the New Year.

- Barney and Jane Forsythe

Bob HansenHoliday greetings to alumni and friends of the College. As I reflect on the past year, it's obvious that I've been blessed - Linda and I are grandparents for the first time (Matt & Sarah had a baby boy) and my daughter, Callie, was married to Brady in June. Our Rwanda Partnership Project is going well and I'll be taking another group of students to East Africa again this spring.

Thanks so much to those who have generously contributed to our children and mothers' health center near Kibungo. I am very excited about my new position as Executive Director of the Emerson Center for Leadership & Service and I invite you to join us in developing nationally recognized leader development programs. Come visit us at the Churchill Institute the next time you are in town. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

- Bob Hansen, Executive Director of the Emerson Center for Leadership & Service

Paola Protti NunezAs this semester reaches its completion and surrenders to the Holidays, and a well deserved winter break, it is time to reflect on all the blessings and challenges that this semester has brought to us. I feel very blessed to be part of a community like ours that encourages the integral and well rounded development of its members in a safe environment full of opportunities to grow in our own paths.

It is my hope that 2011 will bring growth and even more unity to our community and I look forward to all the challenges that it will bring for us to face together. I wish each one of you and your families a Christmas full of joy, peace, and love and a 2011 full of new blessings and true happiness.

- Paola Protti Nunez '12

Professors Cliff and Natasia CainProfessors Cliff and Natasia Cain (along with cocker spaniels Lula Belle and Bessie) wish the entire Westminster College community a blessed holiday season. As new professors, we are delighted to be a part of the Westminster family!

- Dr. Cliff Cain, Professor of Religious Studies and Dr. Natasia Cain, Professor of Music

Annie '09 and Platt '76 HubbellMy Dad and I want to wish everyone in the Westminster Community a wonderful Holiday Season! Holidays are certainly the best time to see family, and create traditions. Due to my Dad's job as a commercial airline pilot, we haven't always been able to spend Christmas together. However, we were lucky to have New Years with him, up at our lake house in Minnesota.

Definitely one of my favorite traditions, considering there was always snow!
Happy Holidays from the Hubbells!

- Annie '09 and Platt '76 Hubbell

Pat KirbyHoliday Greetings to all! I remember the roller coaster of feelings so many students (now alumni) had during December. When students had roller coaster feelings, so did I. December always brought the warm feelings (and pounds) left over from Thanksgiving, the guilt & fear for not studying enough earlier in the semester, and the mixed feelings of happiness and disappointment - with the actual results of Finals Week.

And relief that Final Week was over coupled with the excitement of leaving campus for the holidays! I remember the Cabinet making the decision to NOT send final grades or dismissal letters to anyone until AFTER Christmas, to avoid ruining a family's Holiday excitement! (Not possible now with On-Line grades!) Bill Young also always noted that attendance at Chapel was higher in December than earlier in the year - students hoping for "extra" help on those Finals Week exams, projects and papers! Nonetheless, everyone felt a great deal of pride watching their student pass through the Columns at graduation - perhaps the best feeling for anyone associated with Westminster!

- Pat Kirby

Professor John LangtonI would like to wish the many friends, colleagues, alumni, and students, who have made my twenty nine years at Westminster such a wonderful experience, a holiday season filled with joy and love.

- Dr. John Langton, Professor of Political Science

Professor Selcen PhelpsSo here are the holidays, the new semester, and the New Year spread before us like brightly wrapped gifts! All members and friends of Westminster: Have a safe and fulfilling holiday season with your loved ones - or maybe people you will grow to love if you give them a chance? May you be true to your best resolutions in 2011 and find joy in unexpected places.

- Dr. Selcen Phelps, Professor of Business

Jacque Sanders '11Season's Greetings to the Westminster community! We rejoice for the King has come. May His love and peace be with you. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a wonderful time of being surrounded by family and friends; a joyful season of carols, old movies, and bible stories.

- Jacquelyn Sanders '11

Dean Carolyn PerryThis Christmas, as always, I'm so thankful for my family, mostly because we have such a great time, just being together. This Christmas, we'll welcome our oldest home from college for the first time, play host to lots of family and friends, and stay up late on Christmas Eve so that we can welcome Christmas Day together.

I'm also thankful for the Westminster community, and for the many special moments I experienced this semester: watching our students discuss important ideas together (thanks, colleagues, for letting me visit your classes!); witnessing our students' amazing talents in chapel, on stage, or through athletic events; seeing the pride of graduating seniors who faced lots of challenges but didn't give up; chatting with special students who just happened to stop by for a visit; working day-by-day with Westminster faculty and staff who care so deeply about our College. As you enjoy friends and family both near and far, I wish you many special moments, and a holiday filled with peace and joy.

- Dr. Carolyn Perry, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Professor Kurt JeffersonAs we pause to reflect on our friends, family, and blessings from 2010 and years past, I reflect on 18 years of great memories with students and colleagues. The Jeffersons wish everyone in the Westminster College community a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

- Dr. Kurt Jefferson, Professor of Political Science

Rev. Brad SheppardMerry Christmas and Happy New Year! I enjoy much this time of year-putting lights on the roof, baking cookies, sitting by a warm fire. Yet what I love is spending time with others. A new tradition for our family is picking out our own tree from a nearby Christmas tree farm. It's fun to walk around with our boys on our shoulders trying to find the perfect tree for our home.

But more than getting a tree it's really about quality time spent together. The good news of Christmas is that God chose to be in relationship with us by becoming one of us. So there is no better way to celebrate that good news than in strengthening relationships with those around us. Most of us don't need more stuff but we never tire of good times, conversations and shared memories with those we love. I hope you're Christmas will be full of the joy of family and community as we celebrate Jesus who is Emmanuel, God with us.

- Brad Sheppard, College Chaplain

Professor David JonesKathy, Ethan, and I would like to extend our best wishes to you for a very happy holiday season. At this time of year, we are so fortunate to have loving friends and family, including our Westminster family, with which to spend these special holiday moments. Of course, one of the most amazing blessings of being part of the Westminster family is learning about the wide variety of cultural backgrounds that we all come from.

So, from my own heritage (Welsh), "Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda." (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

- Dr. David Jones, Professor of Psychology

Derick Dailey '11This season is a time where students, faculty and staff get some much needed rest from one another and get the opportunity to focus on individual families and loved ones; but it is also a time when you can reflect on the goodness of God, rest on his promises and live out the joy of the season by doing a good deed for someone else.

During this season of advent; a season of great expectation, let you lives be filled with the joy of knowing that you are loved and you are blessed. For the time being, let us for a brief moment forget about grades, curriculum, exams, budgets and the significant challenges we face as a college and let us dwell on how far we've come, how blessed we are to have one another and the special privilege we have as members of the Westminster family. Shalom from the Dailey twins!

- Derick Daily '11

Professor Wayne ZadeThis holiday season is, depending on how you count, either my 34th or 35th at Westminster (math is not my strong suit!). It feels more like maybe my 18th or 17th-time has gone by quickly, and mostly very happily for me here. "Holiday season" to me means Thanksgiving as much as Christmas, if not moreso.

Each year I'm more grateful for the health and happiness of my own family, and for the chance to hear about the same blessings for so many in the Westminster family. I suppose my work here in one sense has always been about "communication." I'm glad to send greetings and wish peace to all of you-and I truly look forward to the next time we can meet.

- Wayne Zade, Professor of English

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