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Westminster Student is Taking on Leadership Roles During His Semester at Sea


Semester at SeaWestminster student, Pabel Vivanco Cardenas is taking on active leadership roles while studying abroad in the Semester at Sea program. Cardenas recently had the opportunity to attend a Field Lab in Shanghai that explored Chinese statecraft and U.S.-Sino relations.

During the lab, students heard from scholar Dr. Shen Dingli and two American diplomats from the U.S. consulate. Dr. Shen discussed the future of U.S.-China relations and the bright future that he is looking forward to. Another focus was on the power shifts and challenges encountered in the diplomatic process with an increased importance on maintaining positive relations. Cardenas and other students spoke with Dr. Shen and the other diplomats at this event and shared their opinions and questions.

The Semester at Sea study abroad program allows students to dive deeper into their studies and apply what they learn in a multi-cultural environment. It is an opportunity any student can benefit from and is yet another opportunity for Westminster students to become leaders in a global community.

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