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New Diversity Center is Launched within Emerson Center for Leadership & Service

Emerson Center

Diversity OfficeA brand new Diversity Center has been developed in Hunter Activity Center that brings together two related offices - Office of International Student Services and the Office of Intercultural Engagement (formerly called the Office for Multicultural Student Development). Adjoining the offices of the program directors - Courtney Richter (OISS) and Paola Protti-Nunez (OIE) - is a large student resource and work room. This space was previously occupied by the campus newspaper staff, a dark room, and the commuter lounge, which was relocated in another space within the Hunter Activity Center.

Together, these two Diversity Center offices coordinate campus programs that support, promote, and cultivate Westminster's celebration of its diverse community. The Office of International Student Services assists the campus's 180+ students that come from outside the U.S. The total number is inching up to 17% of the student body and typically represents about 70 or more different countries. This year, 49 new international students are joining the Westminster community. The Office of Intercultural Engagement's activities are centered on diversity education, the celebration of different cultures and traditions, open discussion of diversity topics, and leadership development from a cross-cultural perspective.
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