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Westminster Adds Exciting New Programs to Its Curriculum

Academic News

Westminster college officials announced a number of exciting new programs today as the College continues to grow and make its curriculum even more relevant to today's students.

"Westminster is on the move with exciting new programs to meet the needs of incoming students and an expansion of our curriculum that will offer dynamic new options to prospective students," says Westminster President Dr. George B. Forsythe. "We are building on our strengths and packaging courses in new ways that align with our mission to prepare students to lead in a global community."

Westminster College Announces New ProgramsBeginning in the fall semester of 2012, the Westminster faculty will establish an honors program for interested students who hold eligibility for the College's highest academic scholarship programs. This program will offer top students special courses that provide enriching academic experiences, as well as professional and leadership development activities.

In another major action taken this week, Westminster faculty approved new majors in sports management and exercise science, as well as a minor in public health.

A third change is an enhancement of Westminster's existing dual degree engineering program in cooperation with the Washington University School of Engineering. Now Westminster will start more actively recruiting students for this program as well as entering into a similar cooperative agreement with Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla.

The campus will initiate a new Introduction to Engineering course to involve interested students in engineering subjects early in their program. Students completing the program will receive a B.A. degree from Westminster and a B.S. degree from Washington University or Missouri S&T.

A new program close to being finalized is a cooperative agreement with Barnes Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing for a dual degree in nursing. Once the agreement is in place, successful candidates will receive both a B.A. degree from Westminster and a B.S.N. degree from Goldfarb.

"After a year of studying both developments in the job market and the interests of students, faculty came forward with several new or re-designed academic programs," says Dr. Carolyn Perry, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Students. "In some cases, partnerships proved to be the best way to serve our students, so we are pleased to find strong partners at high-quality institutions."

Other new programs under consideration at Westminster for the near future include majors in communications and business communications and a minor in security studies.

The faculty will also be considering a proposal to expand the Westminster fine arts program, starting with a jazz combo/pep band for the next academic year.

"These new programs have been designed in keeping with Westminster's reputation for producing successful student outcomes," says George Wolf, Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Services. "These new degrees and majors will greatly enhance the Westminster experience and increase the value of a Westminster education. I expect these new options will convince a new set of students to consider Westminster as the best choice they have to attend a nationally ranked college at a price they can afford."

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