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Seize the Summer with New Online Courses

Academic News

Westminster trains students to be life-long learners.
Now, students can be year-long learners, too.

Beginning in June, Westminster will offer its first summer semester of online courses. This exciting move is part of an overall effort to develop programs that engage students year-round with the College. Online courses will also provide students a greater sense of flexibility with managing their schedule and course load throughout their undergraduate career at Westminster.

The College is also excited to offer these online courses to the public, so that everyone can experience this new opportunity for innovative and interactive learning.

Faculty members are currently working to develop their online course curriculum and syllabi and look forward to engaging you in this new educational opportunity.

The summer semester runs June 6 - July 15, 2011. Westminster will offer nine courses for three or four credit hours each. Enrollment in each course is $250 per credit hour. Those who enroll can attend a seminar before classes begin to learn how to operate the online course system through Moodle technology.

Online courses being offered during the summer semester include:

Principles of Accounting
Principles of Marketing
Child Development
Diversity in Education
British Literature
Spanish Civilization
History of Science
Social Psychology
World Religions
ACC 216
BUS 250
EDU 230
EDU 385
ENG 205
HUM 227/SPA 377
NSC 305
PSY 310
REL 102

Find more information on summer courses and internship opportunities

Don't take the summer off. Seize the summer with Westminster's new educational opportunities through online courses.

For more information or to register, contact the Registrar's Office:
Email Phyllis Masek, Registrar

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