78 Student-Athletes Placed On Fall 2012 Dean's List 

Athletics News 

Westminster College is proud to announce 78 student-athletes to the Fall 2012 Dean’s List. The Dean’s List recognizes students who have shown high academic performance during the past semester.  To be included on the Dean’s List, one must have a 3.6 semester GPA with at least 12 hour completed.

The student-athletes on the Fall 2012 Dean’s List are as follows:

Michelle Aiello  Cross Country/Track &Field  Fr.   
Alyssa Busken  Soccer (W) Fr.
Nathanial Caudel  Basketball (M) Fr.
Benjamin Cooper  Basketball (M) Fr.
Steven (Mik) Ebert  Basketball (M) Fr.
Jesse Edwards  Cross Country/Track &Field Fr.
Nathan Fox  Cross Country Fr.
Kasey Gatson  Basketball (W) Fr.
Olivia (Claire) Gibby  Cross Country/ Softball Fr.
Amanda Killgore  Basketball (W) Fr.
Katie Koonce  Soccer (W) Fr.
Megan McCaul  Basketball (W) Fr.
Tia Mitchell  Cheerleading Fr.
Pius Nyakoojo  Cross Country Fr.
Brittany Paglusch  Soccer (W) Fr.
Trenton Roach  Basketball (M) Fr.
Grace Sanford  Soccer (W) Fr.
Brier Skogsberg  Cross Country/ Track &Field Fr.
Malorie Smith  Volleyball Fr.
Maya Sosa  Cheerleading Fr.
Blake Stonecipher  Basketball (M) Fr.
Joseph Voltmer  Football Fr.
Jordan Zanger  Football Fr.
Imanni Ahmad  Tennis (W) So.
Cameron Backes  Baseball So.
Monica Bittner  Soccer (W) So.
Thomas Bohnert  Baseball So.
Wesley Bramer  Soccer (M) So.
Jacey Cornwell  Basketball (W) So.
Muhle Dlamini  Soccer (M) So.
Mackenzie Haddox  Basketball (W) So.
Connor Hollrah  Soccer (M) So.
Emily Kesel  Softball So.
James Lewis  Soccer (M) So.
Caleb Marquis  Soccer (M) So.
Will Megl  Cross Country/ Track &Field So.
Tiara Pettijohn  Basketball (W) So.
Danielle Smulczenski  Cross Country/ Track &Field
 Basketball (W)
Megan Spano  Cheerleading So.
Mitch Stewart  Soccer (M) So.
Matt Weinsting  Football So.
Justin Wollmershauser  Tennis (M) So.
Tyler Wollmershauser  Tennis (M) So.
Tyler Cook   Soccer (M) Jr.
Kristen Fisher  Tennis (W) Jr.
Megan Gunnels  Soccer (W) Jr.
Rai'an Harris  Softball Jr.
Sarah Heeter  Tennis (W) Jr.
Joe James  Basketball (M) Jr.
Lori Jones  Softball Jr.
Hannah Kloster  Basketball (W) Jr.
Leigh Ann Lutz  Basketball (W) Jr.
Sasha Mohammadi  Soccer (M) Jr.
Mary Nestor  Tennis (W) Jr.
Sarah Ogar  Cross Country/ Track &Field  Jr.
Andrew Pichler  Baseball Jr.
Andrew Presnell  Soccer (M) Jr.
Alexander Russo  Track & Field Jr.
Kathryn Seyer  Soccer (W) Jr.
Gcinmuzi Shongwe  Soccer (M) Jr.
Richard Sterns  Football Jr.
Grant Stockbauer  Tennis (M) Jr.
Janie Wellman  Cheerleading Jr.
Taylor Allen  Basketball (M) Sr.
Matt Borst  Cross Country /Track &Field Sr.
Kirsten Carney  Basketball (W) Sr.
Kenna Cornelson  Basketball (W) /Softball Sr.
Austin Fiegel  Cross Country Sr.
James Gladstone  Football Sr.
Courtney Howe  Soccer (W) Sr.
Danton Hughes  Baseball Sr.
Sarah Koestner  Cross Country /Track &Field Sr.
Laci Luff  Basketball (W) /Track &Field         Sr.
Kevin Moritz  Baseball Sr.
Molly Owens  Volleyball Sr.
Kimberly Petiford  Track & Field Sr.
Adam Ross  Soccer (M) Sr.
Rachel Schroeder  Cheerleading  Sr.