Blue Jay Mascot, Colors Originated From Yearbook Name 

Athletic News 

Fulton, Mo. - Did you know that the Blue Jay mascot at Westminster College originated from the name of the former yearbook?

Prior to 1902, the Westminster College yearbook, or annual as it was referred to at the time, was called Searchlights. But that was to change. During the 1902-03 school year the staff of the yearbook changed the name of the publication to Blue Jay. “For the first time Westminster’s annual publication appears as the BLUE JAY. Suffice it to say that reasons good and sufficient warrant the board of editors in the change of name…(Page 5, 1902-03 Blue Jay).”

The change of the name of the yearbook was well received, so much so that the athletic department staff adopted the name Blue Jay as the nickname for all athletic teams. Not surprisingly, there was another change which resulted from the change in the name of the yearbook. The school colors were changed from yellow and white, to true blue with approval of the student body, faculty and Board of Trustees. “Blue, as Westminster’s color is peculiarly appropriate, both because the college was founded by the staunch Scotch type of Presbyterianism, and because her past history has given evidence that she possess those sterling qualities typified by the blue. (Page 30, 1902-03 Blue Jay).”

   “It’s quid to be upright and wise,
    It’s quid to be honest and true;
    It’s quid to support Westminster’s cause,
    And abide by the old true blue.”

Notes: The Blue Jay mascot was given the name Winston in the late 1990s when football returned to the campus. As you can imagine, it was adopted from none other than Winston Churchill…A yearbook is no longer published at Westminster and has not been published for a number of years, so much of our history is in the archives, in cyberspace and in the memories of some who have been around long enough to remember.

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