Blue Jays Dominate Second Half to Bring Home Win 

Athletic News - Football 

The Westminster Blue Jays met the MacMurray Highlanders in St. Louis to play their season’s final game Saturday afternoon. The Blue Jays overtook the Highlanders 35-13 to end their season with a 4-6 record.

MacMurray started the game off receiving the ball, but after a minute of play they could not make it into Westminster territory.    The Blue Jays received the ball at their own 32 yard line, and after seven plays they pushed their way to MacMurray’s 14 yard line.  Joe Plassmeyer (Oakville, Mo. /Oakville) completed a pass to senior Justin Grahl (Washington, Mo. /St. Francis Borgia) to put the first numbers on the board.  The kick attempt was good.  The Blue Jays quickly gained control of the ball again after Wilfredo Vargas (Golden Gate, Fla. /Golden Gate) intercepted MacMurray’s pass. The Blue Jays could not advance the ball, and punted it back to the Highlanders. Vargas intercepted another pass with three minutes remaining in the first quarter.  Westminster could not make anything happen however, and the first quarter ended with the Blue Jays up 7-0.

Eight minutes into the second quarter, MacMurray completed a pass for 41 yards to put their first numbers on the board.  The Highlanders’ two point attempt was incomplete, putting the score at 7-6.  The Blue Jays rebutted back, scoring on their next drive with a pass from Plassmeyer to senior James Gladstone (St. Louis, Mo. /Vianney) to put them up 13-6.  MacMurray took that as a challenge, pushing their way down the field to score again off a three yard rush. This tied the game at 13-13 with 11 seconds remaining in the half.

The Blue Jays came out ready to dominate in the second half.  A pass from Plassmeyer to Gladstone scored a touchdown on the first drive attempt of the half, giving the Blue Jays the lead again (19-13).  Westminster denied MacMurray from coming into Westminster territory, and made the Highlanders punt the ball after two minutes.  The Blue Jays took one minute and completed a pass for 65 yards to score yet again (Plassmeyer to Gladstone).  The Highlanders and the Blue Jays tried to score, but both could not make it down the field.  With two minutes remaining in the quarter, MacMurray threw a pass that was intercepted by Corey Hanger (Chesapeake, Va. /Salem) at Westminster’s 36 yard line.  The Blue Jays could not make their way down the field, and the third ended with Westminster leading 25-13.

Five minutes into the fourth quarter, Brett Carrigan (St. Louis, Mo. /Oakville) intercepted MacMurray’s pass and returned it 35 yards to end just five yards away from the endzone.  Senior DJ Andrus (St. Louis, Mo. /Mehlville) scored off a one yard rush, and the kick attempt was good.  MacMurray pushed the ball 17 yards before Hanger intercepted for his second time today, and returned it 38 yards.  The Blue Jays kicked a 28 yard field goal that was good, putting them up 35-13. MacMurray was not able to push the ball back down the field, and the Blue Jays received the ball back with three minutes left in the game.  They ran the time out, leaving the game with a final score of 35-13.

The Blue Jays totaled 375 total offensive yards, with 325 of them being receiving yards from Joe Plassmeyer.  James Gladstone ended his last college career game with 158 receiving yards for 3 touchdowns, and Justin Grahl ended his with 46 yards for 1 touchdown.  Westminster recorded a season high with 5 interceptions during a game.  Seniors Gus Lyles (St. Louis, Mo. /Webster Groves) and Rodney Lyles (St. Louis, Mo. /Clayton) led the team with 10 tackles and 6 tackles, respectively.