Junior Selected for Prestigious Internship  2/23/2010 
Student News 

Bernardo VimpiBernardo Vimpi, a Westminster College junior from Angola, has been selected for what has been called one of the ten best internships in America with the Coro Foundation.

This ten-week summer internship in public affairs gives participants firsthand experience in dealing with the issues and challenges facing civic leaders in Kansas City in the areas of community building and development and public affairs.

Vimpi, an international relations and diplomacy major, was selected from over 200 applicants.

“This will be a great opportunity for me to strengthen my leadership and communications skills as well as gain professional experience in the field of public relations and public affairs,” says Vimpi.   “The process was very rigorous and highly competitive so I am very honored to have been selected.

Vimpi spent Jan. 9 in the day long interview process by 60 different judges as they narrowed the applicants to 24 candidates based on their teamwork, leadership and communication skills.  Twelve of those were selected to be part of the Coro team for 2010.

Vimpi came to Westminster after graduating from the United World College in Swaziland.

He is Coordinator of the Westminster International Friendship Program and the Westminster Amnesty International group.  He is former Vice President for Public Relations of the Toastmasters of Callaway County and has attended the Model United Nations Conference four times.

Vimpi also serves as a tutor for the Introduction to International Relations class at Westminster.

“This internship will give me a better understanding of social issues and the pragmatic approaches and possible solutions available to address them,” says Vimpi.  “Above all, it will help me make decisions related to my future career goals.”

Begun in San Francisco in 1942 to train young people in leadership skills necessary to assure that our democratic system of government could more effectively meet the needs of its citizens, Coro is a non-profit, non-partisan educational institute supported by foundations, corporations and individuals.  Today Coro Centers are operating in the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Kansas City, New York, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.  Between 1,000 to 1,200 participants go through Coro programs each year.