Quick Goals Put the Blue Jays to Disadvantage 

Athletic News - Soccer(M) 

The Westminster Blue Jays were instantly put at a disadvantage when visiting Columbia College Wednesday night.  The loss, 0-4, brought the Blue Jays to 2-3-1 in their overall season.

The Cougars of Columbia College came out strong, scoring three goals within the first fifteen minutes, including Rafael Ramos scoring off of the whistle to start the game.  The Blue Jays did not back down, and did not allow any more goals until the seventy-fifth minute of the game. 

Westminster, as a team, took eleven shots, but just could not find the goal.  Caleb Marquis had four saves in the first half, while Frank Bowman added in two more saves in the second. 

Westminster College does not return to the field again until Wednesday, Sept. 26th, when they head to MacMurray College for their first SLIAC game.