The "What If...?" Conference - Sure to Inspire 


The "What If...?" Conference at Westminster CollegeThe What If...? Conference is a gathering of curious minds interacting and growing through a series of eight minute "What if...?" propositions, inspiring interest in our current world, where we've been and where we might be going.

This is a one and a half day intellectually provocative party. Audience members and presenters are one-in-the-same. Bringing people from all backgrounds and all education levels, we explore "What If...?" first on Friday, solving a problem with a small transdisciplinary group. Then we reconvene on Saturday to enjoy presentations, installations, performances, intentional breakout sessions, and a dose of serendipitous randomness. "What If...?" is a jumping off point. To solve problems large and small, we have to ask questions of all sizes.

Did you hear that? Group problem solving. Presentations. Conversations. Food. New ideas. Welcome to Awesome Mountain.

If you don't walk away enlightened and inspired, you're doing it wrong.

We have presenters ranging from middle school to multi-decade professors asking questions from "What if we had never invented cities?" to "What if we brought back extant species?" to "What if women were in charge?" to "What if we could live forever?". Our presenters are exploring their questions, almost ready to engage you in their thoughts. And they will get you involved. Don't expect to stay in your seat all day, we move, we do, everyone is participating. (Don't let that scare you if you're an introvert. You'll never be forced to stand up in front of everyone.)

We will break down barriers with active curiosity. Join us.

Friday, March 1 // Group problem solving session. Doors: 5:30pm. Activity: 6:00pm.
Saturday, March 2 // Curious questions. Doors and Breakfast: 8:30am. Activity: 9:30am.