Westminster Football Falls in 4th Quarter 

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The Westminster College Blue Jays entered the game today hoping to win their first home game of the season against the Eureka Red Devils.  The Blue Jays were unsuccessful in their attempt, losing 18-31. The game was close until the fourth quarter, where Eureka scored 21 points.

The Red Devils took the quick lead after a pass from Westminster’s quarterback, Joe Plassmeyer, was intercepted by Frankie Bray, leading to their first touchdown of the game. The Blue Jays could not push the ball up the field, and let up a field goal to Eureka.  Plassmeyer used only three plays following the field goal to score a touchdown; the kick attempt was no good.

The Blue Jays headed into the second quarter down 10-6, but quickly put the ball on Eureka’s two yard line. Devastatingly, the team could not get the ball into the end zone.  The rest of the second quarter was spent trying to get the ball close to the end zone, but both teams could not get close enough to score.

The third quarter belonged to the Blue Jays. Not only did Plassmeyer complete a pass to Justin Grahl for a touchdown, but Westminster shut down Eureka’s offense. Eureka was barely able to break onto the Westminster half of the field, going only as far as the Westminster 41 yard line. The Blue Jays headed into the fourth quarter, leading 12-10.

Westminster carried the enthusiasm to the fourth quarter, scoring within seconds with a pass from Plassmeyer to James Gladstone. This brought the Blue Jays to 18-10. After the touchdown, the team could not stop the Red Devils offense. Eureka scored 21 points during the 12 minutes left in the game.

On the offensive side, Plassmeyer completed 395 passing yards. Grahl led the team with 10 catches for 176 yards, and Gladstone followed up with 138 receiving yards. On the defensive side, Rodney Lyles led the team with 11 tackles.  Brett Carrigan and Gus Lyles each contributed seven tackles.
The Blue Jays head to Minnesota October 6th to battle the University of Minnesota Morris.