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Congratulations New Student Ambassadors


Student AmbassadorCongratulations to the 22 new members of the Student Ambassadors! Student Ambassadors' primary duties are to maintain connections between alumni, other constituents, and the Westminster community. This organization's members have the obligation to adhere to the higest standards of student life and the values of the College.

These 22 students represent the College well and will make excellent Ambassadors for Westminster.

Amelia Ayers
Karen Hardeman
Brynn Shaw
Dylan Hixson
Maria Donovan
Megan Fitzpatrick
Da'Shaun Scott
Anna West
Lake Moore
Seada Sloboda
Mik Ebert
Katie Koonce
Ethan Parent
Peter Gable
Katie Mann
Grant Gershner
Jamie Striler
Henry Beggs
Leo Lutz
Sawyer Klahs
Hassam Hashish
Jake Abbot

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