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Westminster Creates New Wellness Center

Campus News

Wellness Center LogoWhen Westminster College students began classes, the new signs in Westminster Hall directed them to The Wellness Center, an area formerly known as Counseling and Health Services in the lower level of the building.

"We wanted to change the name to reflect all the services that we provide to students," says Lori Fox, Interim Director of The Wellness Center. "We feel it is more descriptive and more representative of what we do."

The Wellness Center, known as The Well, promotes healthy lifestyle choices through a whole person approach. Services at The Center include health services, fitness, nutrition, counseling services and spiritual life.

"We recognize that good health is more than the absence of illness, but a state of well-being,"says Amanda Stevens, Director of Wellness Programs. "We offer a wide-range of educational programs and services to help students foster a state of health in many forms."

Lori Fox is the Interim Director of The Wellness Center. The Wellness Center hosts the Student Health Center which is directed by Katherine Christensen and staffed by Nurse Practitioner Sara Revelle, Physician's Assistant Jamie Tiegelaor and Administrative Assistant Jackie Pritchett. Lori Fox directs counseling services. Counselors at The Center include Chris Mackowiak, Kristy Wanner and Michelle Hastings. Wellness programs, including nutrition services and Healthtrek fitness programming is directed by Amanda Stevens. Spiritual counseling is directed by Rev. Brad Sheppard, College Chaplain.

The Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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