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"What If...?"

Campus News

What-If Conference

Exploring our world, one question at a time.

The "What If..." Conference is a gathering of curious minds at Westminster College, interacting and growing through a series of eight minute "What if...?" propositions, inspiring interest in our current world, where we've been and where we might be going.

Starting before sundown on 23 February 02012, the "What If...?" Conference is carried into the evening by three groups of eight minute presentations. Breaking up each series of presentations is a short break-out session for audience members to interact with presenters and each other to share ideas and ask additional questions. After the presentations are over, the growth of ideas is continued as presenters and audience members share a "family style" dinner. The conference will be open to the public but will be limited to 200 participants.

The hopes of "What If...?" are ambitious. It sprung from a desire to encourage a new way of interacting with our world. A manner of interaction in which distinctions between students and professors, as well as barriers between disciplines and differences in individual perspectives aren't obliterated, but become integrated. By embracing the powerful innocence of unanswered questions, "What If...?" intends to motivate minds to extend into realms unknown, become open to possibilities previously unthought, and to make connections between people and resources that can transform ideas into realities. Moreover, the "What If...? Conference" aspires to be much more than a typical, presenter-centered conference; instead, it is to be a gathering of presenters and participants, all of whom have an impact on the ideas presented.

Intrigued? Visit the "What If..." website to learn more.

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