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Winston at Westminster

Churchill Memorial

Visitors to Westminster College can now view a new collection of photographs, busts and paintings across campus entitled "Winston on Westminster's Campus" thanks to a grant from the Helen S. Boylan Foundation.

The new pieces, part of the National Churchill Museum collection, are located in Reeves Library, Coulter Science Center, Newnham Hall and Westminster Hall and will be on rotated display until December, 2011.

The grant was written by the National Churchill Museum and the Westminster Office of Development with the goal of placing more of the Museum's collection out into public view. The displays were created by Liz Murphy, Archivist/Curator of the Museum.

"This is a great project, which allows the Museum to display some of its pieces from behind the scenes," says Murphy. "Using Westminster College as the exhibition space is a way for both institutions to showcase their relationship with one another."

The Reeves Library display includes a watercolor of the interior of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, a watercolor of the Shakespeare Monument and Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury and a bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill.

The items displayed in the Coulter Science Center are three oil paintings by Jack Lawrence Miller, a bronze bust of Churchill, a bronze bust of President Harry Truman and ten photographs from the Mahoney collection.

The current items on display in Reeves Library and the Coulter Science Center will only be on display until December 2010. In January new items will be showcased from the collection. Different photos from the Mahoney collection are on a six month rotation until December 2011.

Visitors to Newnham can view a reproduction of Churchill's painting "Palladin Bridge" and a bronze bust of Churchill.

Another bronze bust of Churchill is on display in Westminster Hall as well as a reproduction of Churchill's painting "Cork Trees at Mimizan."

For more information on the collection, local residents should contact Liz Murphy at 573-592-5626 or email her at liz.murphy@churchillmemorial.org.

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