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In Memory of Tony Woods

Tony Woods
Tony Woods
Tony and friends
Tony Woods
Tony Woods


On June 22, 2013, Westminster College student Tony Woods passed away in his hometown of Memphis, TN. More information can be read about his passing here. Tony was an important member of our Westminster family, majoring in Secondary Education/PE K-12, playing basketball for the Westminster Blue Jays, and emboding school spirit as the Co-Chair of the Blue Crew. His loss will be felt especially hard in a close-knit community like ours.

This memorial page is dedicated to Tony. We invite members of our community to help us celebrate his life with photos, tributes, and memories. If you'd like to share your thoughts or stories about Tony, please send them to westminster@westminster-mo.edu, and they will be posted here.


When I came to Westminster Tony was one of the people I met early. It didn't take long to feel like a friend of his and see him as a friend of mine. It's a rare gift to be able to make friends with any kind of person, but Tony had that gift. I know the whole Westminster community is saddened by this cause he was a friendly face to everyone and more to many. I'd see Tony in JCI, basketball in hand as always, and we'd give each other a look asking if we had time for a quick game of pool. I always knew I had a friend in the room when I'd see Tony Woods. He had one attitude, and that was to enjoy people. You could always count on him to enjoy your company, and that sort of thing just makes people feel special. He was comfortable being himself, and had a unique personality. Tony you are a treasure, and I hope you felt the love around us that we all had for you. -Thanks, I can see you smiling.

Raymond Spinelli


Tony was an excellent person all around. Studying the same major as Tony, I got to know him through classes. He was always willing to speak his mind. I never saw Tony walking around on campus with anything but a smile on his face. He was an excellent friend and will be missed by all who had the privilege to know Tony.

Andrew Presnell


Tony was a great basketball player and friend, as well as a fun person to talk with. To the Woods family, "My condolences for the loss of your beloved son. My prayers of comfort go out to you in this time of sadness and remembrance of Tony; I will miss him."

Matthew South


Tony, Mr. Fantastic, this is for you! Tony Woods was one of the most laid back, bubbly, sometimes shy and quiet and other times loud and goofy, basketball dedicated guys I have ever met. I was fortunate enough to have some education classes with him, as he was going to be a teacher and those few classes I had with him, were by far the best and something to look forward to everyday. When Tony would come to class, he always had a smile on his face, something friendly to say to everyone even to those who he did not know quite well, his basketball twirling around on his fingers showing off his skills and passion for the game, and a drive to want to make a difference in the future of his potential students in his teaching career. Tony always made me laugh and smile and was the type of guy that you knew you could trust with anything. He would have made an awesome teacher and I am thankful for these few years that I was able to know Tony. This world lost an incredibly happy, fun, goofy, and all around spectacular guy. Tony, my brother from another mother, everyday you made me laugh and smile and you brought life to Westminster College. You will not be forgotten. I love you my friend. It was an honor to call you one of my closest best guy friends in my life. Tony this is for you!

Allegra Squitieri


When I first met Tony I thought it would be a long semester, as it was my first time as a mentor. He wore a different hat every day one of which was a straw hat haha and he even had a smiley face hat as well! I also noticed one day that he had a pair of glasses with no lenses, he said "I wear them for fun" As I grew to know Tony better not only as his mentor but his friend as well, I learned he was a very hard working student and took time to really get to know the people around him. There wasn't a single day I didn't get a huge smile, a hello and a "How's things goin?" when we ran into each other. My favorit thing about Tony is that he constantly carried a basketball, always tossing it around, you could tell he took it seriously but also had fun with it as well. I've never met a person who didn't love hanging out with Tony and that in itself shows what a wonderful person he was. He made me, and others he was associated with very proud and honored to know him.

Melissa Hirner


Everyone always talks about Tony's smile. Lots of people smile frequently, but Tony's was sincere, real, constant, contagious, and it is the memory of that smile that I believe will get us through this. We are all the better for having known you, our dear boy.

Catherine Pesce


Tony had a 100 watt smile. He never met a stranger. He was frindly and made a difference in the children's lives he worked with in practicum classes at Westminster. We will mis him and remember to be more like him.

Dr. Linda Aulgur


I had the pleasure of getting to know Tony this past semester when he took my statistics course. I really enjoyed having him in my class. He was soft-spoken yet outspoken with a natural curiosity and made excellent contributions to the class. He was always so friendly and upbeat. I enjoyed our many conversations before and after class, some about statistics but also others about random topics. Two of the things I remember most are his love of basketball and affection for his hometown of Memphis. He had a basketball with him everyday so that he could practice shots between classes. One day when i wanted to bring up a random city in an example, I happened to use Memphis no knowing it was his hometown, and as soon as I did, he got really excited and shouted out "Heeey!". I am so extreamely saddened by his passing. I will miss not seeing him on campus. We have lost an outstanding member of our community, and my heart goes out to his family and friends.

Dr. Erin Mullen


I was so sorry to hear about Tony. He was a student in my online Educational Psychology class this spring. His first post in the course, in which students introduced themselves, is below. I think it captures his goals and sense of humor quite well.

Abby Coats

"Hey everyone, I'm tony woods and my major is Education. My goal in life is to play in the NBA, or coach D1 Basketball. My main hobby at the time is rehab because I tore my acl in september, but I like the weight room as well. Trying to make studying a big hobby, so any book worms out there please comment back. Glad to be apart of a good class as well."

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