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On Westminster On

Leadership Magazine"Any Westminster student can rattle off the school colors and the famous Blue Jay mascot. Some can share traditions such as the freshman walk through the Columns and corresponding walk the other direction upon graduation. Others can even tell of the history of the school: Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech in 1946 or the piece of the Berlin Wall found on campus. Few, however, can sing the Fight Song or the Alma Mater."
- an excerpt from Leadership Magzine

Until now!
Westminster's Fight Song was brought to life again this year, making it's way out of a dusty file cabinet and into the spotlight on center stage, thanks to Professor of Music, Dr. Natasia Cain. Now the Fight Song is reaching new generations of Blue Jays and renewing a sense of school spirit and Westminster pride.

Be a Blue Jay Expert!
Enjoy the full-length article of "On Westminster On!" from the recent issue of Leadership Magazine and learn the history from the the creation of the Fight Song and Alma Mater to their present-day resurrection. "On, Westminster, On!"

Victory Song
by Robert Karsch

On Westminster, on!
Thy valiant lead will proceed ever on.
Thy Columns scan the land
And give the broad command
Forever glorious, victorious fight on!
On, triumphantly!
Thy royal blue is a true guarantee
That in the end we'll see
Thy standards carried on to victory!

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