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Tributes to Jack Marshall

One of the most treasured members of our Westminster family, Jack Marshall, passed away Sunday afternoon, November 20, at Presbyterian Manor in Fulton. The sense of loss to our College and to all of us who knew, admired, and loved Jack is immeasurable. We mourn the passing of a man who devoted his life to Westminster and the noble principles that guide our institution, but at the same time, we give thanks for a life well lived.

Jack Marshall

Below are tributes to Jack, reflecting what an undeniable impact he had on Westminster College through decades of service and exemplefying exactly why he was often called "Mr. Westminster." Email your tribute to westminster@westminster-mo.edu, and we'll post it below.


I am saddened to learn of Jack's death as he was one of the first staff members I encountered upon my arrival on the campus in 1956. Jack was an outstanding figure at Westminster as well as a friend to the student body and will be greatly missed. Please add my condolences to the record and feel free to forward them to his family.

Jerry Jenkins '61

Jack was a great guy, he knew when to be tough, and was always fair. He will be missed.

J.T. Baumstark Sr. '67

Such sad news!! Jack Marshall has always been an outstanding person all around!! Will miss him terribly!! Our condolences.

Amy Alexander

Jack was a good family friend. I feel so blessed that I was able to get to know him even better during my time here at Westminster. I am so glad that was able to be at the President's Dinner this year where he was so nicely recognized and honored!

Lee Goatley


Mitch Erdel

Jack was one of the first people that we met after moving to Fulton. He was a wonderful person and will be missed.

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Sad loss.

Stephen Gartner

Jack was the Director of Admissions when I came to Westminster in 1973. I have him to thank for my going to Westminster!

Stuart Norris

Jack will be missed. A great guy in every way.

Bob Drummond

I feel my life has been blessed to have known Jack. Rest In Peace!

Bill Barger

He truly was a legend, but also a really down-to-earth person and all-around gentleman. I am profoundly saddened to hear if his passing, as it truly marks the end of an era.

Peter Rager

What a sad day for the entire Westminster community. But it is also a great opportunity to reflect on how blessed each of us are to have known such a gracious and caring man.

Johanna Dowdy Lee

Jack was such a great friend to our family. In addition to being my godfather he was a great role model. His passing marks a sad day for Westminster. There are too many stories to share, but one common theme comes to mind…his dedicated and loyal service to the college and the Fulton community is something that should inspire many.

Brooke Sloss, '95

When I think of Jack, this quote comes to mind:

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.
-John Taylor

For all of us that miss our time with "Mr. Westminster" - or as some called him "smiling Jack" - there are so many students, alumni, co-workers and friends that have already gone to the other side. I take comfort in knowing that they were there to greet him with open arms, a pat on the back, and treasured memories.

I am grateful for the time spent in Jack's company since I began at the College. He always taught me something new, and without fail, he always made me laugh. Jack's memory and attention to detail remained strong and consistent as did his love for everything related to the Churchill Memorial and Westminster College. There is no way to properly sum up how much knowing him has meant to me. I loved spending time together, and will miss that tremendously. I know that I am a better person for knowing him.

Cathi Miller Harris


Jack has changed my life. Sometime during the second semester of 1974, when I was an exchange student in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jim Rice (my American brother, with whom we still have a close relationship till this day) invited me to visit Westminster, because he was planning on going to college there. At that time Jim was a senior and I was a junior in high school. While our weekend on campus, I woke up early on Saturday (after a late-night party on Friday at the Quad) and decided to walk and see if I could find someone who could help me. When I walked around the Bookstore - it must have been around 8:30 a.m. - I saw a door that was half way open. I cautiously pushed the door, and a very firm voice immediately invited me to enter. It was Jack. He asked where I was from, and what I was doing at Westminster that day. I explained to him that I was an exchange student from Bolivia, and that I really wanted to attend college at Westminster. He promised he would help. And he certainly kept his promise. He not only helped in my admittance, but he arranged so I could get some financing for school. When I finally got there, he would talk to me once in a while. I remember him repeatedly saying: "These are going to be the fastest four years of your life." They certainly were. And they were not only the fastest ones, but the most valuable ones. All of these, thanks to one man: Jack Marshall. May Jack´s soul rest in peace.

Ernesto Machicao '79
From Santa Cruz, Bolivia

In 2000 when I was notified I would be receiving a Alumni Achievement Award, I was asked if I had anyone in mind to present the award to me. My first and only thought was Jack Marshall. Jack was the first person I met from Westminster when touring the campus in 1969 and he has been "Mr. Westminster" to me ever since.

Scott Wilson

Jack Marshall was eleven days younger than me. Our paths first crossed in The Army. Jack and I became fast friends. He encouraged me to go to college - particularly Westminster. Jack changed my life. I have always been and always will be extremely grateful to him. Not surprisingly, I pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Westminster. He continued to give me guidance throughout my years at Westminster as he did to countless sudents. He was a gifted ambassador to all and set high goals for all of us to follow. I am proud to say I knew him. God will take care of him - he will rest in peace.

William F. Anthony '58

Thank you, Jack, for all the wonderful things you did for Westminster. You will be missed!

Deb Gorbet Birch

Jack was a great guy, he always helped Coach Ault at track and cross country meets; very kind to me as a student manager.

Kevin Whalen

A sad day for Westminster. Jack was such a positive influence..after talking to him for a while you just always felt a little better about yourself and even more proud to be a Westminster graduate. Jack will always represent the Best in all of us who knew him.

Carlton Beckstead

Thank you Jack thank you for making me a leader. Thank you for showing me how to be a gentleman. Words can't express how you changed the lives of the men at SAE.

David Day

RIP Jack. You have touched so many lives are truly an inspiration to us all.

Jeni Whittington

I met Jack when I started working here at the Chamber of Commerce in 1988. He was instrumental in getting our tourism tax passed and I became a fan of his work ethic and time donated through various committees. He was one of our original Chamber Ambassadors and appeared at hundreds of ribbon cuttings and ground breakings. I don't use the term "friend" loosely, but it certainly is a term that I use for Jack, he was a good friend of mine as well as a good friend of the Fulton community.

Nancy Lewis
Kingdom of Callaway Chamber of Commerce

When we look at the building that is Westminster - Jack Marshall is the cornerstone..

Larry D. Kay

The thing I remember most about Jack Marshall, who was Dean of Admissions in 1975, came to my high school and knew all of the important details about my high school years and was prepared to offer me admission essentially sight unseen. He was the face of Westminster to me as a high school student and later as a student at Westminster. I was graduated in 1980 and went on to medical school but in all of that time, Jack Marshall never was anything but the most pleasant, cheerful, thoughtful, and respectable character and seemed to be the embodiment of the Westminster ideal. His passing is but another marker in the passage of time and changes that have occurred at Westminster since before I was there. From what I could tell Jack was involved in just about everything good that happened at Westminster. Unfortunately we don't get to see this type of selflessness often enough. Thank you for being Jack Marshall.

Steven Jaeger, M.D. '80

I will miss Jack. I have not seen Jack in several years, but my memories of him are vivid, especially during my years at Westminster (1958-1962). A good man, who worked diligently for the college. My condolences to Jack's family and individually to Dick, who attend Westminster when I was there. God Bless.

Justin Williamson '62

I met Jack Marshall in 1949 when he was a freshman at Westminster College. As Editor-in-chief of The Columns, I could tell that he was a gifted writer and I took advantage of his writing skills and I appointed him News Editor. As the years rolled by Jack and I became close friends. I made many trips to England with Jack as part of the Churchill Memorial. He assisted me in obtaining relics for the Memorial.

Jack was my closest confidant during my 4 year term as Chairman of the Board at Westminster and later when I served as Senior Fellow (Chairman) of the Churchill Memorial. He was an immeasurable help to me.

Jack went to many Jazz concerts with my wife Sue and me during the years. Some were in Saint Louis and Jack would spend the night as our house guest. The next morning we would meet my son and his family for breakfast. He loved our grandchildren and they loved him and would tease him and named him "Max." It was fun for all.

We saw Jack on our many trips to Fulton through the years. Jack asked me to present him with his honorary doctorate degree. I was more than pleased to do so.

Sue had two trips with lady friends so Jack and I went on our own trips to Las Vegas and another to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. A good time was had by all.

We were supportive during his eleven year battle with cancer and called him daily during the last several weeks especially.

We will miss him more than mere words can convey but feel privileged to have known such a special person.

Marvin O. Young


I was terribly saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Jack Marshall.

When I arrived on campus in the fall of 1972, I shall never forget the IMMEDIATE impact that he made upon me. He made me smile, feel comfortable, and he had me convinced that I could live up to the standards of Westminster and even beyond.

His chuckle and his smile and his wit and genuine love for people (especially for his Westminster family of faculty and students, past and present...) were his trademark. I KNOW that God has well received this fabulous and kind person into his special place for those who have served and served well. Jack was a shining light, a beacon of hope to all around him. He IS Westminster and always will be. My prayer is that I can someday be 1/2 the man he inspired me to be. Jack was ALWAYS SO POSITIVE. He always asked about my family and he always asked me to please share his best regards to them upon my return to Oklahoma while in college and back to Arkansas thereafter.

He came to our baseball games. He came to the Phi Delt House to visit when invited. He walked about campus with the students and the faculty to encourage us. He would sit at the special tables with the dignitaries that would come on campus to visit. He was a kind and approachable one, for sure.

I thank Jack and his family for his shining and wonderful example to us all on how to live a life of happiness, love for others always, surrounded by a belief to give service in a significant way and to strive to be successful so as to make our alma mater at Westminster College truly proud.

I shall never quit in my attempt to make Jack Marshall proud and I shall remember him for the rest of my life.

Philip H. Merry, Jr. '76

So sorry to hear about Jack; always considered him to be a very good friend. I'll really miss him. Thought you would like this picture I took of him and Pat Kirby when I rode my Harley through Fulton and we had breakfast one morning. All the very best and my sincere condolences.

Jack Marshall and Pat Kirby

Howard Kerstine

The impact Jack has on me both personally and professionally is immeasurable and I consciously use the present tense because he always will be a powerful influence in my life. Jack will forever inspire me to lead a life of service (of which I hope is half as impactful as Jack's), particularly because of what I consider Jack's most important quality…humility.

For me, Erma Bombeck's following quote captures the essence of Jack's humility and his legacy:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'."

Without a doubt, Jack did use everything he had to make this world a better place for others and I am eternally grateful for being a part of his life.

Donald Wood '00


His spirit was infectious. Always positive and always a good word for each of us. His legacy will go on. I am fortunate to have known him.

Kurt Jefferson, Ph.D.

In the 16 years I have been here from the first moment I met Jack Marshall he has treated me with respect. When I would see him at a function he would bring a smile to my face because of his friendliness. He always called me by name and asked how I was doing. We indeed have lost a great person, one that I will always remember with great admiration for all he did but especially for the way he treated others.

Brenda Saxe

So sorry to hear of Jack's passing.

I will always remember Jack Marshall for his sincerity, outgoing nature and dedication to Westminster College and the Fulton community at large.

He will be remembered fondly.

John Chamberlain '72

Mr. Westminster is indeed a perfect way to describe Jack Marshall! Having watched him dedicate his whole life to the College, I am certain that all who knew him will feel this profound loss. We should, however, happily celebrate Jack's wonderful achievements and contributions to Westminster and the whole Fulton community. His brand of leadership and commitment to assisting any student who came to him will not likely be duplicated by anyone else, and I am honored to have been his friend since first meeting the whole Marshall family back in 1958.

My sincere condolences are extended to Dick, Dave and their families. Godspeed, Jack Marshall!

Sam Powell '62

Jack Marshall was one of the most cheerful and positive guys I have ever met. I believe he helped arrange my scholarship to Westminster. I always enjoyed bumping into him on campus. Always a kind word and a smile.

I hope some gracious person has taken in his two cats. We are empty nesters and have a big house. So, we filled it up with TEN cats from the county animal shelter. All adults who would otherwise have been put to sleep.

Mark Ehrlich
Houston, TX

My first impression of Westminster College was Jack Marshall.

In May of 1968, coming from Wentworth Military Academy, I visited the Westminster College campus. I can only say that at that point in my life, the very idea of attending Westminster College appeared as an unobtainable dream to me. Yet, within a few brief hours on campus, I learned that Westminster College (and the student body at William Woods College) was a world that fascinated and intimidated me; it was a world that I wanted desperately to become a part of.

During my visit there was a formal, scheduled interview with The Director of Admissions, Mr. Jack Marshall. He asked the hard questions of motivation that any serious 18 year old boy should be ready to answer. All the while, as I sensed that he was performing his admissions due diligence, he remained kind and clearly someone who wanted me to join and succeed there. Trying to remain 'cool', my emotions would not allow me to tell him that I longed to become a part of Westminster and the fraternity system as it existed.

Without his influence, I would have floundered and gone elsewhere. Only Jack Marshall helped to strongly reinforce my already positive perceptions of Westminster College. None of this would have occurred without his pre-emptive manner, sustaining interest, positive- caring attitude and let's be frank, his style.

We stayed in touch over the years largely due to his outreach. In the 1990's he even promoted me to work to help the New York Chapter of the Winston Churchill Memorial in the United States at Westminster College. More importantly, he always retained interest in my family.

For me, Jack Marshall was a life changing influence. He was Westminster College.

Gary R. Lumsden '72

The passing of Jack was a sad day for all of Westminster. Jack was always kind, pleasant and thoughtful of everyone he came in contact with. I will miss our visits and his laughter.

Kay Fink

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