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The Buzz about Mesa

Mesa, AZWestminster College officials joined city officials in Mesa, AZ, this week to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that would bring the first ever new campus of Westminster to downtown Mesa in fall 2013. The initial announcement was made Monday, April 23, and the City of Mesa approved the MOU on Thursday, April 26.

Here's what people are saying about the exciting new venture for Westminster:

"Both the City and the College will benefit from the opportunities for growth afforded by our collaboration. Mesa will benefit by having an historic liberal arts college in the city and Westminster will benefit by extending the College's profile to a growing region of the country. We are eager to get started and look forward to meeting members of the community in the near future."
--Dr. George B. Forsythe, Westminster College President

"The MOU is a major step towards bringing Westminster and its tremendous academic reputation and tradition to Mesa. Much more work lies ahead but we look forward to the educational offerings Westminster will offer to students in Mesa, the valley and beyond."
--Scott Smith, Mayor of Mesa

"Higher education is changing each year, presenting challenges, and also opportunities for those institutions that adapt and take advantage of the changes that are occurring. The Mesa campus of Westminster College can position Westminster for national and international success in the future. It presents an exciting time for the College."
--Arthur F. Hoge III '75, President of the Westminster Alumni Council

"Partnering a growing engaged community with a college which has been providing outstanding educational experiences for over 160 years looks like a win-win. Westminster College and the City of Mesa are creating an opportunity to have a positive and lasting effect on the lives of many."
--Bob Muelhauser, Chair of the Westminster College Board of Trustees

"The opportunity to take our Westminster education to Mesa opens up a host of opportunities to students in the Midwest as well as the Southwest. The programs we are offering and the partnerships we are forming will give all our students-those in Fulton and Mesa-a deeply enriching education. We plan to see our Fulton students come to Mesa for a semester, summer, or year, to engage in an urban experience, take special classes and take part in outstanding internships. Because we will be one college with two campuses, we will be able to offer all our students a superior grounding in the practical liberal arts, a dynamic developmental experience, while learning within a global context."
--Dr. Carolyn Perry, VP and Dean of Faculty

"It is a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to serve as Dean and to work closely with members of the Mesa community to establish a campus of Westminster College in the very heart of the city of Mesa. I have had the good fortune to serve Westminster in a number of capacities and look forward to applying my previous experience as Dean of Faculty, Director of Assessment and Professor of Classics to this unique and exciting partnership with the community of Mesa."
--Dr. Bob Seelinger

"Westminster has been an institution that has spanned the test of time. We work hard, we stick to our traditions and values, and we all appreciate the value of an education. No institution thrives from 1851 until the present by remaining static, but instead adapts to the current environment. To me, this is yet another move in a long and celebrated history that will belong to Westminster College."
--Jack Easterly '14, Student Government Association President

"I think the Mesa campus is an exciting opportunity for WC. Challenging times call for bold decisions. It also presents an opportunity for students to study a semester or two in Mesa."
--Norman Smith '77, Alumni Council Member

"Westminster wants to create leaders in a "global" community. For years that has been interpreted as being "international," but that's not necessarily the only way to accomplish this. We live in a diverse nation and the American South West has many different cultures and backgrounds that can't be found in large numbers in the Mid-West. Arizona has the largest number of Native American language speakers in the U.S. not to mention all the Hispanic influence. As an Anthropology major, I would have loved the opportunity to interact with the Yavapai and other Native American tribes just outside Mesa."
--Kyle Gunning '12

"I am anxious to see how Westminster takes our brand of service and leadership to Mesa. Exciting times are ahead for the Westminster community of students, alums, and parents."
--Jessica Macy '95, Alumni Council Member

"We look forward to developing the new campus and this new relationship with the city of Mesa and the students of the Southwest and hope that the rich cultures of Arizona, Missouri, and Westminster College can be enhanced by this new and exciting partnership."
--Dr. David Jones


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