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Seeing Unfamiliar in the Familiar

Peter Haigh

When Professor Peter Haigh retired from Westminster College in May of 2007 after teaching economics for 30 years, he decided to experience Westminster from a new perspective - behind the lens of his camera.

Little did he know the journey of discovery that awaited him.

"Spending [30 years] on a campus the size of Westminster you become very familiar with your surroundings," says Haigh. "In fact, you tend to become so familiar that you can take your surroundings for granted - moving through those surroundings on a daily basis but rarely really 'seeing' those surroundings."

In addition to his life in academia, Haigh has had a passion for landscape photography, working in the field professionally since the 1990s. Photographing Westmnister would prove to be both exciting and challenging - stimulating his interest in architecture and taking his photography in new directions.

Coulter Science Center stairwell"I was going to be photographing a subject that had been commonplace, in a sense, to me as opposed to photographing new and unfamiliar locations." notes Haigh. "I had to 'see' Westminster anew."

As Haigh began the project, he found himself on a visual and emotional journey of discovery, resulting in a deeper feeling for what Westminster College is and means.

Haigh reflects on his journey by noting, "Taking the time to be more conscious of our surroundings can be enriching and offer a brief respite from the worries of the day."

So next time you walk across campus, take a minute to look around and discover Westminster from a new perspective.

To learn more about Haigh's project, view his pictoral journey
and even order prints online, visit his website at

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