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Students Experience Greece

Greece Summer 2010

It's All Greek To Me!
Westminster Students Explore Their Own Greek Odyssey

We at Westminster like to say that our classroom is the world…a concept fully embraced this summer by students enrolled in "Reaching Across the Ages-A Greek Odyssey: The Physical, Historical, and Cultural Context of Greece."

After attending a preparatory seminar on campus at Westminster this spring,
the 14 adventurous souls embarked on an exciting journey to the mainland of
Greece and the islands of Crete and Santorini this summer, accompanied by Professors Bob Seelinger and Sam Goodfellow. Their goal? To gain an
appreciation and understanding of the variety, character, and depth of Greek
cultural achievements from antiquity to the present and how modern Greece has been shaped by reactions to its rich history.

Greece - Summer 2010The Acropolis, the Greek amphitheatre at Epidaurus, ancient Corinth, and Delphi were just a few of the sites the group toured and studied.

Along the way, they learned to navigate the busy and complicated streets of Athens, watched a political demonstration, experienced the challenges of public transportation, and met a large number of gracious and hospitable people. Plans are underway for a 2012 summer session return.

Greece - Summer 2010

Greece - Summer 2010Greece - Summer 2010

Greece - Summer 2010 Greece - Summer 2010

Greece - Summer 2010 Greece - Summer 2010

August 2010

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