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Enni Kallio

Class of 2013, Undeclared
Vakanssi Oy

Enni KallioEnni's summer internship did not take place in a cubicle. Instead, her hours were spent in the forests of Eastern Finland, working for the company Vakanssi Oy doing forest management. In Finland, there is a need for young workers during the summer in the field of forestry helping in planting, clearing and tending the seedlings. Enni tended the seedling bed on a 2 hectare forest site by clearing trees and bushes and leaving the viable trees to grow. She also worked at another site making firewood from trees that were put down by a storm in last August. Enni learned how to use the clearing saw and the chain saw as well as how to manage a forest at different rotation periods.

Enni commented about her experience and what she learned: "I was surprised how much experience and knowledge I gained during my one month internship. One of the things that I really enjoyed was the Enni Kalliocontinuation training in which I learned how to maintain the equipment. I have never really got an insight to the mechanical side of machines and I found it extremely interesting when we opened the motors of the clearing saw and chain saw to see the different parts of the motor and how they can be maintained or changed."

A junior with her major undeclared, Enni had this to say about the internship's effect on her career goals: "I really enjoyed the internship and it gave me a good insight to the forest industry in Finland. It is hard to say whether I would be working at the field of forestry in the future; however, if I go and live back in Finland I think a career in forestry is possible."

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