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Jennifer Hanson

Class of 2012, International Business
Center for Collaborative Education
Boston, MA

Jennifer HansonWestminster student Jennifer Hanson participated in not one, but two, amazing internships in Boston, Massachusetts this summer. One internship was with the Center for Collaborative Education, where she worked on education performance assessments. The second was at Minga, which is a group dedicated to ending the child sex trade by harnessing the power of teens.

Jennifer HansonNow an internship veteran (these were her third and fourth internships), Jennifer offers this advice to students: "For first time internships, I would recommend working with an organization that has a relatively structured and well established internship program where you can meet other students. This is the best time to explore without making a long-term commitment. It is important to finish an internship and say, "Wow, I learned a lot."

She also directs students to Career Development for help in finding internships: "I feel Career Development provides an incredible amount of support helping students find internships. I have found every one of my internships with their support and I don't know if these dreams would have ever come to fruition without their assistance."

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